Finance & employment minutes 25022009

of the meeting of the Finance and Employment Committee
held on Wednes
day 25 February 2009
Mr John Smith (Chair) Mr Peter Kinsman Dr Alan Lavers Mrs Elizabeth Patrick Mr Ian Peake (Principal) Mrs Debra Baldwin (Director of Personnel) Mrs Linda Watkins (Clerk to the Corporation) The meeting was quorate as 5 Members were present. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Mr Fazal Dad (Deputy Principal) Declaration of Interests
I. Minutes of the Last Meeting
The Chair signed the minutes of the meeting held on 3 December 2008 as a true and accurate record. II. Matters Arising from the Minutes
A. Corporate Manslaughter training would be provided at B. The Director of Personnel and Health and Safety Advisor were working with departments to review lone- working arrangements. The Director of Personnel C. The increase of accidents during the period September to October was reviewed, there was an even spread of accidents by course year and age of students. D. The Director of Personnel reported that maintenance for the power hammer would be undertaken externally. Service plans were in place for equipment in Rural Crafts which would include preventative maintenance. Employment Reports
The Director of Personnel presented the following reports: - I. Health and Safety Report
A. There were 15 RIDDOR accidents from 1 November to 31 December; the total number of accidents was 38. This period included a 2-week break over B. The Fire Safety Committee were to review fire warden duties, training for fire marshals and evacuation chairs, and compliance of the Fire C. CMT had approved a revised Fire Procedure Policy which will be issued shortly following advice from D. First aid training was held in December 2008. E. The HSE visited in January to review slips and trips. The Inspector reviewed the hammer drill following a RIDDOR report. This had been a positive visit; an action plan would be prepared and returned to the F. The Health and Safety Committee were due to meet G. An update on the Health and Safety Offences Act 2008 would be presented at the March Governors’ Workshop. Staff Report
A. SOMA, occupational health providers held a clinic in January to provide health checks on College drivers and staff consultations as requested by the College. B. 22 Middle Managers enrolled on the Diploma in Public Services Leadership, (Level 6), provided by Bournville College. Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure for Senior

The procedures had been revised to include recommendations made by the Association of Colleges. • To recommend that the Board adopt the revised Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure for Senior Postholders. Finance Report
The Director of Finance presented the following reports: - I. Revised Budget
Changes to the original budget were discussed in detail. A summary of the changes is shown below: Change £,000 Income 159,975 Expenditure 174,490 Operating deficit (14,515) II. Management Accounts to 31 January 2009
A. The accounts assumed retaining all LSC income. B. The overall financial position showed an operating deficit of £88,1496. The expected outturn of £28,407 deficit is prior to FRS17 adjustments and after additional depreciation on buildings to be demolished C. Non-LSC income showed tuition fees were £59,000 D. Payroll expenditure was £92,000 below budget, £206,000 related to assessor costs charged to non- E. Non-pay expenditure was £54,000 above budget, mainly relating to Land Based Studies. The Director of Finance was monitoring this closely with the F. Grants of £21.3M have been received for Hereford Campus re-development with £26.4 expenditure to date. £2.3M over budget. £800,000 additional grant G. The bank balance, including Trackfile Limited was H. Student numbers showed a shortfall in the 16-18 FE funding agreement of 131. Apprentices had recruited to target. There was a negative variance in adult learner responsive of 1339, adult apprentices had recruited to target. The employer responsive numbers should increase during the year. PCDL community programmes had recruited to target and the Director of Finance was discussing additional funding with LSC. I. Contribution by Faculties: Land-Based Studies 39%, Technology Studies 49%, Community Studies 42% and Employer Engagement 13%. J. Income diversity remained unchanged. K. Performance indicators were noted; there were 52 cash days in hand and pay as a percentage of income was 61%. L. The cash balance would continue to decrease if the College did not draw down the bank loan. The College could use an overdraft facility if necessary. The Director of Finance had met with the Barclays Bank last week who had agreed to honour the terms of the bank loan for its existing period. III. Summary financial position to 31 January 2009
Members noted the summary position to 31 January IV. Tuition Fee and Remission Policy 2009/10
19+ learners, (excluding Basic Skills and Level 2 entitlement), increase from £500 to £525. Part time courses increase from £2.60 to £2.70 per hour. PCDL courses (LSC subsidised) decrease to £1.10 per hour Higher Education estimated fees were listed in the policy Overseas rates Full time Higher Education £9,000 Part time Further Education £6.80 per hour Part time Higher Education £11.00 per hour Full cost provision would be charged at two rates to account for HCT premises or rented premises. HCT Premised Rented Full fee £4.80 per hour £5.40 per hour Concessionary fee £4.30 per hour £4.80 per hour Managing Agency Fees - £8.00 per GLH per student APL fixed rate £30 per unit claimed APEL fixed rate £55 per unit claimed Concessionary fees were available for unemployed and students in receipt of benefits. The class size policy would remain at 14 learners. V. Budget Timetable 2009/10
The timetable set out the preparation of the one-year budget and three-year financial forecast, risk management and disaster recovery policies. The College would be required to submit the budget to the LSC by 31 July 2009. Members noted the budget parameters 2009/10 which included the strategic objectives, levels of inflation and the curriculum resource model which had assumed 54 additional 16-18 year old learners and 20% growth in apprentices. • To receive the Management Accounts to 31 January • To recommend the Board endorse the Tuition Fee • To recommend the Board endorse the budget • To recommend the Board endorse the revised Marketing Strategy 2008/09
Members noted the Marketing Strategy and plan of activities. Members congratulated Leanne Ashton on preparing an • To recommend the Board endorse the Marketing Capital Projects
The Director of Finance reported that the Capital Project Steering Group had met previously and discussed progress on the Hereford Campus redevelopment and Holme Lacy Campus. The Committee agreed: Process Review
Peter Kinsman had conducted the process review; the meeting Any other Business
Date and time of next meeting
The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 29 April 2009


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