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List of Successful Projects in RGC GRF 2008-09 Prof Sookja Kim Role of Epac1, cAMP-regulated guanine M nucleotide exchange factor 1, in blood brain barrier maintenance, infarct and neurological deficits during ischemia/reperfusion injury probing their effects in glaucoma with transgenic mice over-expressing ET-1 in endothelial or glial cells Prof George Sai The role of STAT activation in regulating M persistence of EBV infection in premalignant nasopharyngeal epithelial cell model binding (Id) and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) in retinal cell specification Dr Danny Chan Role of Indian hedgehog signaling in Dr Dong-Yan Jin Posttranslational modifications of TORC M transcriptional coactivators and implications in HTLV-1 pathogenesis Dr Daisy Kwok Role of heparanase in synaptic plasticity M Detecting genes and functional analysis M associated with bone mineral density (BMD) i hepato-protective functions of the fat cell-derived hormone adiponectin: potential roles of uncoupling protein 2 Prof Annie Wai Gene Identification for Osteoporosis Association Strategy in the Chinese Population List of Successful Projects in RGC GRF 2008-09 tubulointerstitium of IgA nephropathy: Their role in pathogenesis Dr Xiao Ru Lan Mechanisms of Peritoneal Fibrosis: Role M Calcium Signals and Cell Proliferation in M Is Jak2V617F mutation a stem cell event M Hin Suen Liang in chronic myeloproliferative disease ? cigarette smoking on endothelial injury in vivo - relevant to obstructive sleep apnea Dr Roberta Wen A study of the modulatory effects of p53 M and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma Dr David Chung Long-term Efficacy and Safety of a Gene- M based Bio-artificial Pacemaker tested in a large animal Sick Sinus Syndrome Model Soluble receptor for advanced glycation M Phenotype in Post-infarction Heart Failure Improves Cardiac Function Without Proarrhythmia Function in Sinus Node Disease Patients With And Without Atrial Fibrillation: Impacts of Different Modes of Atrial and Ventricular Pacing Protective roles of AMP-activated protein M Dr Richard Man Transmissibility of hepatitis B virus List of Successful Projects in RGC GRF 2008-09 Dr Michael Chi Tissue tropism and innate immune responses of respiratory viruses in primary differentiated human respiratory epithelial cells in vitro and in ex-vivo cultures of lung and nasopharynx Dr Leo Lit Man Codon biases of avian and human Dr Herman Tse Molecular characterization of anaerobic Prof Kwok Yung Molecular characterization of human Dr Bojian Zheng The Role of Complement Activation in Control of human trophoblast invasion by M Prof Pak Chung Combined use of letrozole and Fibrils of the Human Intervertebral Discs A functional MRI study of the chronically M Sequence analysis of Epstein-Barr virus M List of Successful Projects in RGC GRF 2008-09 Dr Tsun Leung Study of the mechanisms underlying heritable germline epimutation of MSH2 in Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer Molecular and functional characterisation M aberrantly down-regulated in colorectal cancer Prof Irene Oi Lin Role of mitotic checkpoint gene MAD1 (mitotic arrest deficient 1) in liver cancer Prof Paul Michel Causes of Dysfunction in Regenerated functions by a Ca2+ messenger - Cyclic ADP-ribose Adrenomedullin in the male sex acessory M glands: gene expression, levels and receptor binding, functions and regulation of production in the prostate, seminal vesicle and coagulating gland.
Dr Elly Sau Wai Thyroid transcription factor-1 (TTF-1), a M potential susceptibility gene for familial Study of hypoxia-induced recruitment of M Tung Ping Poon bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in tumor angiogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) List of Successful Projects in RGC GRF 2008-09 Dr Xiaoqi Wang Importance of DNA damage mediated S M Regulation of early steps of coronavirus M Dr Zhiwei Chen Mucosal Vaccine against HIV-1 Infection M Mechanism involved in inhibition of tumor M Metalloproteinases: A Novel Signal Mechanism in Disruption of Blood Brain Barrier during Ischemic Stroke


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Dying breath Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 11 March 2007 It was New Zealand's biggest medicines scandal and cost hundreds of lives - and if a multinational pharmaceutical company had had its way, its drug could have killed hundreds more. Donna Chisholm reports. Author and scientist Neil Pearce packs 15 years of anger into 215 pages of his new book. If this is revenge, it has been served o

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Enliven Festival Saturday 7th July BANDSTAND Somahigh Soma High are a rock band from the South Coast generating a buzz wherever they go performing tracks from their forthcoming debut album ‘Secrets That Didn’t Happen’. Their new music is bursting with fresh energy and ambition and demonstrates the band pushing the boundaries of modern melodic punk rock. Vocalist and song writer Se

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