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Higher Degree Research scholarship opportstudents are listed on our web site under eac unities at MQ for May 2012 are set out below. Scholarships for domestic and international aculty in closing date order. Simply click on the link to the scholarship that interests you and scroll to the specific award for more information and contacts. Ge neral Higher Degree Research scholarship information is available at Other externally funded scholarship opportunities for postgraduate or postdoctoral research studies are listed after MQ scholarships. Follow the links for more information. In addition to the scholarship opportunities listed below, higher degree research candidates and prospective candidates might find the JASON postgraduate scholarship databas e http://www.jason.edu.au of help. Some of the links to listed awards are accessible through the Research Professional websitResearch Professional is a gateway to worldwide funding opportunities and policy information. Macquarie users can browse Research Professional from anywhere on campus by clicking 'enter' on the campus access tab. Cognitive Sciences
Ancient History
Modern History, Politics & International Relations
Australian School of Advanced Medicine (ASAM)
Institute of Early Childhood (IEC)
Children & Families Research Centre (CFRC): Salvation Army S:\SCHOL\Admin\Newsletters\May 2012\HDR Schol Newsletter May 2012.docx Biological Sciences
New directions in trait-based plant ecology Physics & Astronomy
PhD scholarship - Australian Pain Society Searching for planets with single-mode spectrographs Australian Federation of Graduate Women Fellowship Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering & Technology James S McDonnell Foundation post doctoral fellowships in complex Environment and Geography
Australian Prime Ministers Centre fellowship program NSW Australian Rotary Health Research Fund PhD scholarship Computing
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund PhD scholarship investigating childhood cancer (NSW) Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
Mining the proteomics data - what are we throwing away? National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research scholarship Mathematics
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Dora Lush biomedical postgraduate research scholarships Earth & Planetary Sciences
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Electronic Engineering
S:\SCHOL\Admin\Newsletters\May 2012\HDR Schol Newsletter May 2012.docx

Source: http://www.hdr.mq.edu.au/information_about/Scholarships/scholarship_-_documents/HDR_Schol_Newsletter_May_2012.pdf

A shadow on the brain

Shadow on the Brain; One woman's search for the roots of chronic depression [FINAL Edition 1] The Washington Post (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Washington, D.C. Author: It is deep in the night; morning is a mirage. And the thing I have dreaded has happened: The beast is outside my window. It is a mechanical beast, and it screams -- steel against steel, a heavy thundering of weight. There is the

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Paul Davis Subject: December 31, 2012 Texas Hospital Pharmacy NewsHaving trouble viewing this email? Click here In This Issue December 31, 2012 Vo. 41, No. 49 Note: The TSHP Office will be closed until Wednesday , January 2 , 2013 . The officers and staff wish you and your family, friends and colleagues a Happy New On This Date On December 31 , 1695 , a wind

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