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Manual of Sensorless Brushless Motor Speed Controller Ver HW-01-080623.1
Thank you for purchasing our Quazar Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Please remember that power systems for model
planes can be very dangerous, so it is necessary to read this manual carefully. Since we have no control over how our
products are used by the user, no liability shall be assumed or accepted for any damages, losses, or costs resulting from the
use of this unit. We can assume no liability for personal or property damage.

Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off protection / over-heat protection / throttle signal loss protection. 3 start modes: Normal / Soft / Super-Soft, compatible with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Throttle range can be configured and is fully compatible with all transmitters currently available on the market. Smooth, linear and precise throttle response.  Separate voltage regulator IC for microprocessor, providing good anti-jamming capability. Supported motor speed (Maximum): 210000 RPM (2 poles), 70000 RPM (6 poles), 35000 RPM (12 poles). Program Card can be purchased separately for easy programming.
With a program card, you can activate the music playing function of the ESC. There are 15 different songs available. Specifications:
Battery Cell

BEC Output Capability
Linear Mode BEC(5V/2A)
Switch Mode BEC(5V/3A)
Wiring Diagram:
Feature Explanation:
Brake Settings:Enabled / Disabled, default is Disabled
Battery Type:Li-xx(Li-ion or Li-Poly) / Ni-xx(NiMH or NiCd),default is Li-xx.
Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cut-Off Mode): Soft Cut-Off (Gradually reduces the output power) or Cut-Off (Immediately stops
output power). Default is Soft Cut-Off.
Voltage Protection Threshold(Cut-Off Threshold):Low / Medium / High, default is Medium.
For lithium batteries, the number of battery cells is calculated automatically. Low / medium / high cutoff voltage for each cell is: 2.6V/2.85V/3.1V. For example: For a 3 cell lithium pack, when medium cutoff voltage is set, the cut-off voltage will be: 2.85*3=8.55V. For nickel batteries, low / medium / high cutoff voltages are 0%/45%/60% of the startup voltage (i.e. the initial voltage of battery pack), and 0% means low voltage cut-off function is disabled. For example: For a 10 cell NiMH battery, fully charged voltage is 1.44*10=14.4V, when "medium" cut-off voltage is set, the cut-off voltage will be:14.4*45%=6.5V。 Startup Mode:Normal /Soft /Super-Soft, default is Normal. Normal is preferred for fixed-wing aircraft. Soft or Super-soft are
Manual of Sensorless Brushless Motor Speed Controller Ver HW-01-080623.1
preferred for helicopters. The initial acceleration of the Soft and Super-Soft modes are slower in comparison, usually taking 1 second for Soft startup or 2 seconds for Super-Soft startup from initial throttle advance to full throttle. If the throttle is closed (throttle stick moved to bottom) and opened again (throttle stick moved to top) within 3 seconds of the initial startup, the restart-up will be temporarily changed to normal mode to get rid of the chances of a crash caused by slow throttle response in aerobatic flight. Timing:Low / Medium / High, default is Low. Usually, low timing can be used for most motors. But for high efficiency, we
recommend the Low timing for 2 poles motor and Medium timing for 6 poles and above. For higher speed, High timing can be
Important! After changing the timing setting, please test your RC model on ground prior to flight!
Special Note
Certain out-runner motors, listed below, have special construction. The space between each magnet is very large, and many ESCs can't
drive these motors. After much testing, our ESCs have proven to work very well with these types of motors. Some RC enthusiasts still
have several questions about the programming value for these special motors. Therefore, we have provided some suggestions as follows:
Programmable Value Suggestion
Timing Startup
Usually, aircraft use "normal" startup mode and helicopter use "super-soft" startup mode Align 420LF (Made in TAIWAN, out-runner) Begin To Use Your New ESC
Please start the ESC in the following sequences:
Move the throttle stick to the bottom position and then switch on the transmitter. Connect the battery pack to the ESC, the ESC begins the self-test process, a special tone " 123" is emitted, which means the voltage of the battery pack is in normal range, and then N "beep" tones will be emitted, means the number of lithium battery cells. Finally a long "beep------" tone will be emitted, which means self-test is OK, the aircraft/helicopter is ready to go flying. If nothing happens, please check the battery pack and all the connections; " is emitted after 2 beep tones ("beep-beep-"), means the ESC has entered the program mode, it is because the throttle channel of your transmitter is reversed, please set it correctly; If the very rapid "beep-beep-, beep-beep-" tones is emitted, means the input voltage is too low or too high, please check your battery's voltage.
3. "VERY IMPORTANT!" Because transmitters have different throttle ranges, we strongly suggest the operator use the "Throttle
Range Setting Function" to calibrate throttle range. Please read the instruction on page 4------"Throttle Range Setting".
Alert Tone
Input voltage is abnormal: The ESC begins to check the voltage when the battery pack is connected, if the voltage is not in the acceptable range, such an alert tone will be emitted: "beep-beep-, beep-beep-,beep-beep-" (Every "beep-beep-" has a time interval of about 1 second. ) Throttle signal is abnormal: When the ESC can't detect the normal throttle signal, such an alert tone will be emitted: "beep-, beep-, beep-". (Every "beep-" has a time interval of about 2 seconds) Throttle stick is not in the bottom position: When the throttle stick is not in bottom (lowest) position, a very rapid alert tone will be emitted: "beep-, beep-, beep-". (Every "beep-" has a time interval of about 0.25 second.) Protection Function
Start up protection: If the motor fails to start within 2 seconds of throttle application, the ESC will cut-off the output power. In this case,
the throttle stick MUST be moved to the bottom again to restart the motor. (Such a situation happens in the following cases: The
connection between ESC and motor is not reliable, the propeller or the motor is blocked, the gearbox is damaged, etc.)
Over-heat protection: When the temperature of the ESC is over 110 C, the ESC will reduce the output power.
Throttle signal loss protection: The ESC will reduce the output power if throttle signal is lost for 1 second, further loss for 2 seconds will cause its output to be cut-off completely.
Program example
Setting "Start Mode" to "Super-Soft", i.e. value #3 in the programmable item #5
1. Enter Program Mode
Switch on transmitter, move throttle stick to top position, connect battery pack to ESC, wait for 2 seconds, "beep-beep" tone should be emitted. Then wait another 5 seconds, special tone like " " should be emitted, which means program mode is entered.
2. Select Programmable Items
Now you'll hear 8 tones in loop. When a long "beep------" tone is emitted, move throttle stick to bottom to enter the "Start Mode"
3. Set Item Value (Programmable Value)
"Beep-", wait for 3 seconds; "Beep-beep-", wait for another 3 seconds; then you'll hear "beep-beep-beep", move throttle stick to top " is emitted, now you have set the "Start Mode" item to the value of "Super-Soft" 4. Exit Program Mode
After the special tone "
", move throttle stick to bottom within 2 seconds. Manual of Sensorless Brushless Motor Speed Controller Ver HW-01-080623.1
Trouble Possible
After power on, motor does not work, no The connection between battery Check the power connection. sound is emitted After power on, motor does not work, Input voltage is wrong, too high or Check the voltage of battery pack such an alert tone is emitted: (Every "beep-beep-" has a time interval of about 1 second) After power on, motor does not work, Throttle signal is irregular "beep-, beep-, beep- "(Every "beep-" has a time interval of about 2 seconds) After power on, motor does not work, The throttle stick is not in the Move the throttle stick to bottom such a alert tone is emitted: "beep-, beep-, beep-" (Every "beep-" has a time interval of about 0.25&


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