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Introducing ESPA's age-enhancing skincare range LIFESTAGE NET8 Serum, STAGE RELEASE Moisturiser and STAGE RELEASE Eye Moisturiser with Natural Encapsulation Technology ESPA's pioneering new age-enhancing skincare range targets the most visible signs of ageing and utilises the very latest advances - Natural Encapsulation and Stage Release Technology - to create uniquely powerful formulations which are a sensorial pleasure to use. Formulated to address the skins biological age and ideal for those (typically) aged 45+, the LIFESTAGE range comprises of three hero products - each using Natural Encapsulation Technology together with a unique blend of 10 pure and concentrated actives - which are stage released into the epidermis for up to 8 hours to achieve their ultimate performance potential. Natural Encapsulation Technology is an innovative and intelligent delivery system that utilises a natural protective outer shell to hold a multitude of microspheres - each infused with a unique blend of individual actives in their purest most concentrated form. The range targets the most visible signs of ageing by firming sagging skin, stimulating elasticity, smoothing lines and wrinkles, promoting radiance in dull, sallow skin, evening skintone, reducing age spots and pigmentation, addressing dehydrated skin, minimising large pores whilst helping to reduce redness. The range is 98/99% natural and lightly fragranced with an essential oil blend which includes Rose Damascena, Neroli and Jasmine Absolute. Key ingredients in the microspheres include: Carnosine, a naturally occurring dipeptide, which protects against glycation - an ageing process that can lead to a loss of skin suppleness and elasticity. Carnosine also protects against the harmful effects of environmental pollution. Liquorice Root Extract, which evens skin tone, calms redness and helps minimise age-spots Himalayan Fleece Vine, which contains anti-oxidant rich Resveratrol renowned for ESPA LIFESTAGE NET8 Serum is proven to target the most visible signs of ageing to give both instant and long-term results. The serum has been rigorously tested under independent clinical trial conditions to ensure efficacy across a broad spectrum of the most visible signs of ageing. ESPA STAGE RELEASE Moisturiser targets the most visible signs of ageing to help minimise the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots, redness and large pores, whilst hydrating, enhancing radiance and safeguarding firmness and elasticity. In addition to the range ingredients above, the formulation is Lupin seed extract - promotes skin firmness and elasticity by increasing the production of high quality collagen, which diminishes with age. Black Oat complex - which provides deeply effective and long lasting improvements in skin ESPA STAGE RELEASE Eye Moisturiser targets the most visible signs of eye ageing to give both instant and long-term results. Specifically, it helps to minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles, whilst hydrating, brightening and safeguarding firmness and elasticity. It also targets puffiness, the appearance of dark circles and helps rejuvenate the eye area. In addition to the range ingredients above, the formulation is supplemented with: Ginseng and Golden Root - to target puffiness, the appearance of dark circles and to Jambu extract - which gives a fast acting and effective smoothing action to target expression Recognised and loved by customer's and spa therapists for delivering highly effective skincare products, that are a pleasure to use, ESPA uses the latest techniques to harness and deliver the finest, most active extracts from nature, blending them to create richly fragranced, luxuriously textured formulas that enhance the way you look and feel. "For me, real beauty is about looking the best for the age you are today.and tomorrow." Sue Harmsworth MBE, Founder and CEO, ESPA ESPA STAGE RELEASE Moisturiser £75 (50ml)/£45 (25ml Ltd Edition) ESPA STAGE RELEASE Eye Moisturiser £50 (15ml) Available nationwide from 18th March 2013 at the following stockists -, ESPA Spas, Liberty, Selected Harvey Nichols Stores The LIFESTAGE facial will be available in selected spas from March 2013 For further information, images or samples please contact Notes to Editors: Recognised as global leaders in spa, ESPA successfully combines the design and management of prestigious spas across five continents with the creation of pioneering, natural products that are rich in heritage, texture and aroma. ESPA - an authority in its field - is proud to partner with luxury hoteliers, property companies and owners around the globe to create some of the world's finest spas and equally proud to be a British company who manufacture their products in the UK. ESPA products are as unique as they are effective; they are tested each and every day by a highly trained and extremely professional global network of therapists based in 55 countries. ESPA's award-winning, results driven products are loved by women and men alike, who benefit from their visible results for both face and body. It is this combination of expertise and rich spa heritage that creates a unique brand that has won over 125 coveted awards in the last 3 years. Twitter: @ESPAOnline


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Post-operative Complications in Sickle Cell Disease Patients Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Mulhim et al Review article POST-OPERATIVE COMPLICATIONS IN SICKLE CELL DISEASE PATIENTS Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Mulhim, Hessah Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, Sara Abdullah Alnajjar, Marwah Abdulaziz Al- Awas, Alia Ali Alokley, Ilham Abdulrahman Almousa Medical College - King Faisal University, Kingdom of Saud

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