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She Noticed Motion Sensation
MdDS Foundation at AAO-HNS
Since Childhood
By Marla Cruise RN
Please visit the MdDS Balance
As a child, I always remember keeping Disorder Foundation Booth (#762) at
“Brainfog” is a term that most are the feeling of waves in me at night after a the Annual Meeting of the American
unfamiliar with when first joining the day spent at the beach, although it was very Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and
MdDS support site. Nevertheless, most mild and actually felt calm. As I got older, Neck Surgery and OTO EXPO in
with MdDS suffer from problems with when I flew on a plane I also would feel the Washington, DC. Representatives of
brain function but do not understand motion when I returned home. Disorder
the Bahamas on a plane from New Jersey. Foundation will be at the booth from
they say they had/have "brainfog". When I got off, my ears were stuffed and I September 16-19. They look forward
Since various parts of the brain control couldn’t hear right for a few hours. At the to
different functions, a survey was hotel, when I got off the elevator at the educational materials with you.
created in order to begin to assess the bottom floor, it felt like my feet went a foot
areas of the brain most affected by further in the ground, but only for a
MdDS. During the recently concluded second. When I was older, I went to 2007), Arizona by plane and didn’t feel anything questions were asked to help identify except when I sat on something really stable like a toilet, which is not supposed to have ANY movement. I felt like there were Difficulty
concentrating, head, but still not bad. I even went to a
confusion, short-term memory loss, doctor in Arizona, who said it was
and using incorrect words in probably my ears or the plane travel, and it
discussions were the most commonly went away.
impairment. (See chart on page 2). inexplicable feeling of movement was after The temporal lobes of the brain are the epidural and for some reason that evening I primary location where memory, word felt like the bed was vibrating slightly. I processed. Further studies are clearly complaining to the nurse. Then I thought required to determine if a problem lies it was the fan in the room, so I told them to • ICDwithin these areas of the brain in shut it off. But that wasn’t it; and then for • If years on and off . I would get a little of that It is apparent from the above that wavy feeling, yet not horrible. A number of cognitive function is affected by MdDS years after that I went on 5 mg. of Paxil. Within two weeks the waves I once felt here (as it is with other vestibular disorders). and there, on and off for years (yet mellow of Paxil, it took eight months to withdraw. The level of difficulties in dealing The rocking got worse and worse and never Kroger Share Cards: If you live in Texas or Louisiana,
with cognitive dysfunction can lead to stopped -- and added to the mix -- vertigo both mental and physical fatigue and Positional Vertigo.) I wonder what in our obtain a Kroger Share Card. Each time you can result in time off from work and brains, what part of our brain, picks this present the card after shopping at Kroger, various levels of disability. There up, and why a drug like Paxil would the MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation continues to be a great need for further exacerbate the symptoms wildly. If we will receive a donation. Small things add up studies to better understand the extent could just find out WHERE the Paxil hit to big when done on a regular basis. of this neurological impairment. me, maybe we could find out and pinpoint the area affected. Just a thought. I pray for We do not offer medical advice or diagnose medical conditions. We do share ideas about what has or has not worked for us. Always confer with your physician for a plan of action.
Cognitive Difficulties Associated with MdDS
MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation 8/2007 We do not offer medical advice or diagnose medical conditions. We do share ideas about what has or has not worked for us. Always confer with your physician for a plan of action.

Source: http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/central/resources/MdDSNewletterVol20Sept07.pdf

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