Digestive Disease Consultants

Purchase these items ahead of time:

1. Four Dulcolax tablets (stool softeners or laxative)
2. One bottle of Miralax (230/238) Gram
3. Two 32-ounce bottles of Gatorade (no red colors), preferably clear
4. Tuck’s pads, Vaseline, Desitin etc can be used to protect the anal area if needed

Colonoscopy Preparation Timeline
Five or more days prior to colonoscopy:
-Arrange for a ride. If you do not have a ride, we will have to cancel the procedure. -Purchase the laxative medications listed above. -If you are taking coumadin (warfarin), stop taking for 3 days prior and
Plavix or ticlid stop 7 days prior. .
If you have a history of heart valve surgery or need antibiotics before procedures, please notify us. Check with your insurance carrier if you need pre-approval and that you understand your financial responsibility for the procedure. If you are having a colonoscopy for screening purposes (having no problems, but having the exam for preventative purposes), verify with your insurance company that “Screening Colonoscopy” is a covered benefit. There should be a number on the back of you insurance card to call. Stop taking iron five days before the colonoscopy Make any needed arrangements to be off work or school on the day of the colonoscopy. Please remember, by law, you cannot drive the rest of the day of the procedure. Read and familiarize yourself with the preparation instructions. Please call the office with any questions, if you vomit the prep please try again
but drink more slowly. Please do not call the physician.
Preparation Instructions

The day prior to your colonoscopy
-Start on a Clear Liquid Diet when you get up and continue all day.

Clear Liquid Diet:
Do not drink red colored beverages or eat red Jell-O.
Soups: Clear bouillon, chicken broth, vegetable broth, beef broth, or consommé.
Beverages: Tea, coffee (without cream/milk), Kool-Aid, carbonated beverages, Gatorade. You
may add sugar to coffee and tea but not milk or creamer (non-dairy creamers are okay)
Juices: Apple, white grape, strained lemonade, limeade, and orange drink.
Any juice that you can see through and has no pulp is acceptable.
Dessert: Italian ices, popsicles, Jell-O, and hard candy

-Throughout the day, make sure to drink at least eight glasses (two quarts) of fluids such as
juices or similar product, preferably not only plain water.
-Take your usual prescription medications (except iron). If you are on coumadin or other blood
thinners, please contact our office and your primary physician for specific instructions at least
one week prior to the colonoscopy
5:00 p.m. Take four Dulcolax tablets by mouth with 32 ounces of water or juice.
6:00 pm. Mix ½ bottle of Miralax (230/238 gram) with 32-ounces of Gatorade shake or stir until
mixture is dissolved. Drink slowly over 2-3 hours.
9:00 pm. Mix ½ bottle of Miralax (230/238 gram) with 32-ounces of Gatorade shake or stir until
mixture is dissolved. Drink slowly over 2-3 hours.
-You may continue to have clear liquids until midnight. After midnight, do not eat or drink

Source: http://ddcpontiac.com/app/download/6563827904/colon+prep,+pdf.pdf


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