Annex to the fan operating and maintenance instructions Contents
General Maintenance. 1
1 General Maintenance
When starting the maintenance, the motor must be disconnected and it must be ensured that it is not possible to connect it during the maintenance. In addition, check that there is no voltage in any part connected to the power supply. If the motor is disconnected from the mains for maintenance work, special attention needs to be paid that the possible auxiliary circuits, such as parking heater, external fans, brakes, etc., are also disconnected from the mains. If the engine must be disassembled for maintenance, sealant must be removed from the centering edges and on the assembly the motor must be resealed with the suitable engine sealant. Installed copper sealing washers must definitely be reinstalled. 2 Lubrication
The rolling bearings of the standard engines are grease at the factory (or in the case of sealed bearings, they are greased by the bearing manufacturer). Bearing grease meets the requirements of standard DIN 51825, cf, from the following table. With this grease quality the engine can be used in normal stress and normal ambient conditions of approximately 10,000 hours of use in 2-pole motor and 20,000 hours of use in 4 and more pole motors without needing to replace the rolling bearing grease, if nothing else is agreed on. The condition of grease filling, however, should be checked even before that time limit from time to time. Exceeding the rated engine speed will shorten the time period between lubrication. The reported number of hours of use applies only when the engine is operated at the rated speed during this time. If the rated speed of the motor operated by the frequency converter is exceeded, the re-lubrication period is reduced roughly in reverse proportion to the growth of speed. Re-grease the bearings when they are first cleaned thoroughly with a suitable solvent. On greasing the same type of grease must be used. Alternatively, it is permissible to use only the alternative qualities indicated by the motor-5 manufacturer. It is noted that the cavities of the bearings may be filled with grease to only about 2/3 of its volume. If the bearings and bearing covers are completely filled, the bearing temperature increases and they wear more. In case of bearings with re-lubrication equipment, greasing is done through a grease nipple with the engine running. Re-lubrication periods are shown in the following table. The amount of grease necessary for re-lubrication is shown in the following table (in this case the first time, re-lubrication grease is used about twice as much as when the lubricating pipes are still empty). The completely used up waste grease accumulates in the grease chamber of the outboard bearing cover. This waste grease should be removed after about five re-lubrication cycles, such as during inspection work. 3 Lubrication intervals
Motors with shieldless bearings are equipped with a grease nipple. The Lubrication interval depends on the type of lubricant, ambient temperature and the type of use. The table below shows the interval at 70ºC temperature. Amount of grease "in 3000
The recommended lubricant is good quality lithium based grease with high permeability and a high dropping point. If the rotation speed is different from the values of the table, the lubrication intervals should be changed in inverse proportion. For example: bearing 6314 speed 1800 rpm. Regardless of working hours, the grease must be renewed every year or two, or in connection with a full service. If the engine is equipped with lubrication instructions, the above periods are applied.


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