Golden pheasant hornberg

Bob's Viagra Caddis Emerger
Tied by Bob Haase

Hook: Mustad C53S or TMC200 #14 & #16 Thread: Gray or Black 14/0 Gordon Griffith Sheer Body: Dubbed w/Squirrel & Caddis Green Ice Dub Weight: Fine copper wire or Hairline Quick The fly is shown floating in a dish of water. I always keep a dish of water near my tying area to test my flies to see how they float and position themselves in the water. I call this the Viagra Caddis Emerger because it stays up forever and you can fish it for more than four hours without calling a doctor. I have placed this fly in the water at 9:00am and it is still floating at 10:00am the next morning. I know I will never get a drift that long. It started out as a bluegill fly for me and a couple years ago I started modifying it for trout fishing. The olive pearl core and a few wraps of fine wire causes the fly to hang down like this once it becomes wet. Initially it will float on the surface. I can look through the glass dish to see how the fish will see the fly from below and the CDC puffs attached as wings looks like an adult emerging from the shuck. I alter the size of the foam head and wraps of fine wire to get it to float or sink slowly like an emerger that could not break through the film. Practice will help determine the correct size of the foam head and the number of wraps of wire need to get the fly to perform as desired. You can also just dub the head like a Tabou Caddis instead of using foam and it will sink rather than float. I also tie this as a black caddis emerger using black Pearl Core and black CDC puffs. Tie some of these up and try them and you will not be disappointed! Step 1 - Start thread and wrap to the bend of the hook. Tie in a short piece of olive Pearl Core as shown. You must burn the end or put a drop of super glue on the end so that it does not fray. Wrap about 5 or 6 wraps of fine wire as shown next to the Pearl Core. Wrap thread over wire and advance thread to about 1/8" before eye of hook. Dub from the front of the hook to just over the Pearl Core with a mixture of squirrel Step 2 - Fasten a pheasant after feather or a similar after feather as shown and then tip the fly down if you have a rotary vise and twist the thread around the feather to reinforce it. By tipping the fly down it brings the point of the hook up and Step 3 - Wrap the after feather over the dubbing leaving space to see the dubbing between the wraps. Tie off, leaving space to tie in a strip of should be around 1/4" wide and a little less than 1/8" thick. If you do not have the appropriate color, you can color it with a permanent marker. Tie in the foam securely, trim, and position thread to just in front of the Step 4 - Fold the foam back and tie down with head just large enough to float the fly. Trim the foam and make a few more wraps to secure the foam. You can also use white foam or color the white foam with a Chartreuse marker Step 5 - Tie in a small CDC puff on each side just behind the head. This represents the wings of the adult emerging from the shuck and is not used to float the fly, but rather represent the wings when viewed from below. Tie off and put a drop of head cement just behind the head. Air bubbles form on the foam head and feathers and the Pearl Core also works as an attractor to the fly. Fish see this as an adult caddis just emerging from the shuck and know they must take it quickly before their meal is gone!


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