Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Engineering International University, Vietnam National Uni RESEARCH INTERESTS
Controlled bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs, solubilization techniques, and development of nano-drug delivery systems. EDUCATION BACKGROUND
From 2008 to 2011: Ph.D. Degree in Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, Kangwon
National University, South Korea. Grade Point Average: 4.5/4.5. From 2006 to 2008: Master Degree in Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, Kangwon
From 2000 to 2005: Bachelor of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University, Viet Nam. From 1996 to 1999: Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet WORK EXPERIENCE
From 2006 to present: Bioavailability Control Laboratory, College of Pharmacy, Kangwon National University, South Korea.  Major in pharmaceutics: design and preparation of drug formulations, characterization of the formulations through some analyses such as HPLC, UV,  Working on lots of projects belonging to research and development of new products for journal publications as well as for Korean pharmaceutical companies.  Managing Master students and giving them instructions of experiments.  Ph.D. thesis titled "Synthesis and applications of biocompatible self-assembled  Master thesis titled "Characterization of an ionizable drug in solid dispersion- loaded tablet for enhanced dissolution". From 2003 - 2005: Department of Pharmaceutical Industry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University, Viet Nam.  Doing experiments for graduation thesis titled "Preparation of sustained-release 600 mg potassium chloride tablets with Eudragit RL 100 coating film". JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS AND RESEARCH ACHIEVEMENTS
1. Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Huyen Thi Thanh Tran, Beom-Jin Lee. Modulation of
microenvironmental pH and crystallinity of ionizable telmisartan using alkalizers in solid dispersions for controlled release. Journal of Controlled Release 129 (2008) 59-65.
2. Huyen Thi Thanh Tran, Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Beom-Jin Lee. New findings on
melatonin absorption and alterations by pharmaceutical excipients using the Ussing chamber technique with mounted rat gastrointestinal segments. International Journal of
Pharmaceutics 378 (2009) 9-16.
3. Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Beom-Jin Lee. Dissolution-
modulating mechanism of alkalizers and polymers in a nanoemulsifying solid dispersion containing ionizable and poorly water-soluble drug. European Journal of Pharmaceutics
and Biopharmaceutics 72 (2009) 83-90.
4. Huyen Thi Thanh Tran, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Kyung-Ho
Lee, Beom-Jin Lee. Preliminary imaging analysis for enhanced intestinal uptake of non-
soluble polystyrene microspheres in the presence of oleic acid using rat intestine. Journal
of Korean Pharmaceutical Sciences 39 (2009) 155-159.
5. Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Han-Gon Choi, Hyo-Kyung Han,
Beom-Jin Lee. The roles of acidifiers in solid dispersions and physical mixtures.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 384 (2010) 60-66.
6. Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Kyung-Ho Lee, Dong-Jin Kim,
Beom-Jin Lee. Dissolution-modulating mechanism of pH modifiers in solid dispersion
containing weakly acidic or basic drugs with poor water solubility. Expert opinion on
drug delivery 7 (2010) 647-661.
7. Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Jisung Lim, Jun-Bom Park, Soon-
Kuk Choi, Beom-Jin Lee. Physicochemical characterization of controlled release solid
dispersion containing a poorly water-soluble drug. Therapeutic Delivery 1 (2010) 51-62.
8. Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Jae-seung Choe, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Young-Min Park,
Beom-Jin Lee. Design and mechanism of on-off pulsed drug release using nonenteric
polymeric systems via pH modulation. AAPS PharmSciTech published online 15
December 2010. DOI: 10.1208/s12249-010-9562-1. 9. Ren Shan, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Yun-Seok Rhee, Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Beom-
Jin Lee. Investigation of degradation mechanism of rabeprazole with solid state
pharmaceutical excipients. Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation 40 (2010). DOI:
10. Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Seung Aeon Lee, Vo Hong Nho,
Sang-Cheol Chi, Beom-Jin Lee. Roles of MgO release from polyethylene glycol 6000-
based solid dispersions on microenvironmental pH, enhanced dissolution and reduced gastrointestinal damage of telmisartan. Archives of Pharmacal Research 34 (2011) 775 -
11. Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Nam Sung Ha, Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Jun-Bom Park,
Beom-Jin Lee. Dissolution-enhancing mechanism of alkalizers in poloxamer-based solid
dispersions and physical mixtures containing poorly water-soluble valsartan. Chemical &
pharmaceutical bulletin. In press volume 59(7), 2011.
12. Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Jun-Bom Park, Beom-Jin Lee.
Controlled Release Systems Containing Solid Dispersions: Strategies and Mechanisms. Pharmaceutical Research (2011). [Epub ahead of print]. DOI 10.1007/s11095-011-
13. Phuong Ha-Lien Tran, Thao Truong-Dinh Tran, Jun-Bom Park, Dong Hun Min,
Han-Gon Choi, Hyo-Kyung Han, Yun-Seok Rhee, Beom-Jin Lee. Investigation of
physicochemical factors affecting the stability of a pH-modulated solid dispersion and a tablet during storage. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, in press, 2011.
+ One patent about Bambuterol, the drug used in asthmatic treatment. + Best Poster Award of The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea (PSK) in autumn of the year 2010.


The work to be done in Haiti will be prioritized in cooperation with the Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH). In general, projects range from construction to medical missions, and can include community development and relationship-building activities (like Vacation Bible School, ESL Classes, Adult Education: Specific Skill training, Vocational Training). Additional projects are reviewed by an oversi

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