Some facts about sleep

Some facts about sleep
It isn't possible to live without sleeping. Little or SLEEP AND MATTRESSES
poor sleep, even for short periods of time and The relationship between sleep and mattresses has even in the absence of organic problems, can lead been the subject of numerous research studies. to serious health problems. Research has been The most exhaustive is probably the one carried carried out in the United States exploring the main out by the University Hospital of Montpellier, with the aim of comparing the difference in sleep quality achieved on either a new mattress, or on • slow reflexes: half of all road accidents in one that had been artificially worn out to simulate America are associated with drivers falling asleep at the wheel. However, even the government bodies who carried out the research admit that The research involved asking uniform groups of these estimates are only approximate and that people (unidentifiable) to sleep on each mattress they underestimate the true complexity of the alternately and in random order. The results showed that on a new mattress, the length of • considerable decline in physical and restorative sleep was increased (by 53 minutes per night!), subjects fell asleep faster (20 minutes!) and woke up for shorter periods of time! • irritability and difficulty socialising; • premature aging: research was carried out by a SOME ADVICE FOR GETTING A GOOD NIGHT'S
team of endocrinologists from the University of Chicago on young American university students. • It is better to avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and even mental or physical exercise during the two hours before going to sleep; • It is not a good idea to go to bed straight after eating: wait at least ½-¾ hour so that digestion is • The temperature in the bedroom must be neither control, may lead to too high nor too low: 17-18°C is the ideal temperature; • The air in the room must be sufficiently humidified. If there are radiators, ensure that • high blood pressure, obesity, loss of memory, weakening of the immune system: here too, • Choose a mattress that provides good support research has demonstrated that it takes just one and allows the body to relax completely. night of poor quality sleep to reduce the immune following day. There are many reasons why we get • Pillows must always be used during sleep and little or poor sleep, ranging from psychological should neither be too high nor too hard; factors (personal problems, stress, anxiety and others) to organic and external factors • The best positions for sleep are either on one (temperature, mattress comfort and so on). side with the knees bent, or on your back. Naturally, organic problems must be treated medically and besides, only account for a small number of cases. The aim of these pages is to demonstrate how important the relationship is between the quality of your mattress, quality of sleep and quality of life.
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