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Bradford & District Safer Communities VCS Forum
Notes of the meeting Thursday 23rd February 2012

10 to 12 noon at CNet, 114/116 Manningham Lane BD8 7JF
Present: Yasmin Khan (Staying Put), Janet Ford (CNet), Peter Bloom (Chair/Ripple),
Jenny Scott (Tenfed), Ian Brewer (Bankfoot Partnership), Nicola Midgley (Bankfoot
Partnership), Neal Heard (BACC)
Apologies: Surji Cair (Millan Centre)
Welcome and introductions
Minutes of the last meeting
Matters Arising
RMG Membership – Peter explained the newly agreed structure. Attendance will include each forum chair (or nominated representative) plus the Assembly chair, Stronger Communities VCS Rep, and ISOG rep and CNet. This will be ratified at the next ASG meeting on 5 March. Forum Rep Feedback
Community Safety Partnership Board (PB)
Unfortunately PB was unable to attend the last CSPB PB explained the restructured Bradford District Partnership which will now just meet once a year for an AGM. The Community Safety Partnership Board is a statutory requirement and will continue (although this may change in the future). It is mainly a reporting meeting. Below this Board sits three theme groups which are more like task and finish groups: Neighbourhoods and Resources, Drugs and Alcohol and Reducing Crime and Reoffending. There are also other sub partnership boards such as the Domestic The themed groups deliver Community Safety Strategy – each group has an action plan. The areas that the VCS are able to influence the most are around active citizens and neighbourhoods / anti-social behaviour. Other areas are more difficult for example Yasmin Khan is the only VCS rep on the Reducing Crime and Reoffending Group and it is difficult to have influence in this area. The focus tends to be on enforcement rather than prevention but there is passions from those who attend to make changes and get work done. YK told the group about a current police led project to tackle the grooming of young girls which does have an element of prevention. Likewise there is preventative work undertaken through the The minutes from the theme groups and the CSPB should be available via the CBMDC website. PB also gave an overview of the Assembly structure. Community Based Budgeting
Unfortunately Mike Cadger was not present to give an overview on this item. PB explained that there is still a lack of VCS reps in key areas. The forum had a general discussion about the pilot scheme in Tong. Hopefully MC will provide an update at the next Neighbourhoods and Resources (JS)
• Neighbourhood Resolution Panels are being developed – 20 people will be trained to deliver victims. JS will be training to be a mediator. • There was presentation by trading standards looking at issues relating to smuggling and • Then Community Crime Fighters programme has been given a home office commendation • JS also reported that they are working to set up Tenants and Residents District Federation. Reducing Crime and Reoffending (YK)
YK provided a written report to members and • Bradford has the lowest reoffending rate in the programmes are working well which should be • There is a new police task force tackling grooming of young girls (as mentioned above). The outcomes of this will be interesting. • Housing benefit changes were discussed. • Closure of the Salvation Army on Leeds Rd will Bradford Domestic Abuse Partnership (YK)
YK referred to a series of issues relating to the decommissioning of services within the violence against women sector (VAWS). In particular there are concerns about the EIA process that has been used to regarding the inform the decisions made. This has also been raised by the Equalities Forum. It was agreed that PB liaise with Judy Peltier (Equalities Forum chair) regarding this issue. Equalities
It was agreed to invite speakers to discuss different Next meeting:
10am – 12pm @ CNet, 114 – 116 Manningham Lane, Bradford, BD8 7JF


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