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Symposium on Design, Test, Integration & Packaging
Cannes, Côte d'Azur, France - 25-27 April 2012
Sponsored by
Chair: Bernard COURTOIS, CMP Grenoble, France Co-Chair: Jean-Michel KARAM, MEMSCAP, Bernin, France
P r e l i m i n a r y C a l l f o r P a p e r s
PACKAGING Conference
Chair: Arturo AYON, Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Chair: Benoit CHARLOT, IES, Montpellier, France
Co-Chair: Peter SCHNEIDER, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS, Dresden, Germany
Co-Chair: Ryutaro MAEDA, UMEMSME/AIST Tsukuba, Japan
Pascal NOUET, LIRMM, Montpellier, France Geok Ing NG, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Stefan RÜBENACKE, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany Waleed FARIS, Int'l Islamic Univ. Malaysia, Malaysia Jian YANG, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA Libor RUFER, TIMA Lab., Grenoble, France Gou-Jen WANG, National ChungHsing Univ., Taiwan Aurelio SOMA, Politecnico di Torino, Italy David ALLEN, Cranfield Univ., Bedford, UK Reza GHODSSI, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, USA Mahnaz SHAMSHIRSAZ, Amirkabir Univ. of Tech., Tehran, Iran Marc DESMULLIEZ, Heriot-Watt Univ., Edinburgh, UK Shawn BLANTON, Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, USA Bernd MICHEL, Fraunhofer ENAS, Chemnitz, Germany Alain BOSSEBOEUF, IEF, Paris-Orsay, France Francis PRESSECQ, CNES, Toulouse, France Hsiharng YANG, National Chung Hsing Univ., Taiwan Bart ROMANOWICZ, Nano Science & Technology Institute, Cambridge, USA Wolfgang REINERT, Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology, Itzehoe, Anis Nurashikin NORDIN, Int' Islamic Univ, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Yves-Alain PETER, EPM, Montréal, Canada Souhil MEGHERBI, Univ. Paris Sud, France Giancarlo BARTOLUCCI, Roma "Tor Vergata" University, Italy Narayan R. ALURU, Univ. of Illinois Champaign, Urbana, USA Susumu KAMINAGA, Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd., Japan Tamal MUKHERJEE, Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, USA Matthias WORGULL, FZK, Karlsruhe, Germany Kazuhiro HANE, Sendai University, Japan
Jian ZHU, Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute, China
Vladimir SOBOLEV, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

This Symposium will be a follow-up to the very successful issues held in 1999 and 2000 in Paris and in 2001, 2002 and 2003 in Mandelieu-La
Napoule, in 2004 and 2005 in Montreux, Switzerland in 2006, in 2007 in Stresa, Italy, in 2008 in Nice, France, in 2009 in Rome, Italy in 2010 in
Seville, Spain and Aix-en-Provence, France in 2011. This series of Symposia is a unique single-meeting event expressly planned to bring together
participants interested in manufacturing microstructures and participants interested in design tools to facilitate the conception of these
microstructures. Again, a special emphasis will be put on the very crucial needs of MEMS/MOEMS in terms of packaging solutions. The goal of the
Symposium is to provide a forum for in-depth investigations and interdisciplinary discussions involving design, modeling, testing, micromachining,
microfabrication, integration and packaging of structures, devices, and systems.
We look forward to welcoming you to Cannes and encourage you to participate by submitting an abstract for one of the two Conferences.
Bernard COURTOIS & Jean-Michel KARAM

Notification of acceptance: 15 January 2012 - Submission of manuscripts for distribution at the Symposium: 29 February 2012 Submission will be electronically only. Your abstract must include preferably 1500 words. Detailed instructions are posted on the Symposium web
site. Questions may be directed in the meantime by e-mail (
CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE: Authors are expected to secure registration fees and travel and accommodation funding, through their sponsoring
organizations, before submitting abstracts. Abstracts should contain enough detail to clearly convey the approach and the results of the research.
Government and company clearance to present and publish should be final at the time of submittal.

will include oral talks, poster presentations, a panel discussion and invited speakers. Special Sessions are also
Using MEMS to build the Device and the Package
Integrated MEMS using adhesive bonding and other methods
Thomas W. KENNY, Stanford University, USA
Masayoshi ESASHI, Tohoku University
There has been interest in MEMS Resonators for more than 40 years, Integrated MEMS for multiband wireless systems and so on have been including discussion of their use as frequency references. developed by wafer level bonding of MEMS structures as filters and Unfortunately, the performance of MEMS resonators for these switches on LSI. applications has always been limited by drift in frequency, which comes from the temperature coefficient of the modulus of Silicon, as well as the role of adsorbed molecules from the environment of the resonator and other nefarious effects. The presentation will discuss a wafer-scale MEMS encapsulation process that enables a solution to many of these problems with MEMS resonators. Symposium on Design, Test, Integration & Packaging
Cannes, Côte d'Azur, France - 25-27 April 2012
Sponsored by
Chair: Bernard COURTOIS, CMP Grenoble, France Co-Chair: Jean-Michel KARAM, MEMSCAP, Bernin, France
The CAD, Design and Test Conference will bring together The Microfabrication, Integration and Packaging Conference will
researchers, engineers and practitioners involved in the development bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners involved in the
of CAD tools and design methodologies for MEMS and MOEMS. development of integration technologies and packaging for MEMS
The participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the and MOEMS. The participants will also have the opportunity to
other Conference by the means of plenary talks.
interact with the other Conference by the means of plenary talks. The topics for this Conference include (preliminary): The topics for this Conference include (preliminary):
SPECIAL ISSUES OF JOURNALS AND MAGAZINES: It is a tradition that Special Issues of Journals and Magazines are published after the
Symposium. These Special Issues collect revised versions of papers presented during the Symposium. DTIP 2012 Special Issues will be organized in
the Journal of Microsystem Technologies and in the Journal of Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing.

VENUE: The Novotel Cannes Montfleury is in the heart of Cannes. A ten-minute walk to
Cannes' attractions such as the Croisette and Palais des Festivals.
CANNES: Cannes' combination of assets makes each event exceptional. Its sunny climate
the whole year round, the richness of its landscapes, its modern infrastructure and its ease of
access from the biggest cities of the world enable Cannes to be the choice destination of

If you wish to sponsor an event like a reception, a lunch, or any specific event during the Symposium, please
contact the Symposium Chair.
ADVERTISING IN THE PROGRAMME BOOKLET: The programme booklet will be widely distributed to announce the Symposium. If you
wish to advertise in the programme booklet, please contact the Symposium Chair.
PROCEEDINGS: The Proceedings of the Symposium will be available at the meeting.


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