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Prices current as at February 2011 - prices subject to change CMC Hobbies Price List Feb 2011
JR EquipmentTransmitters and receiversPlease Enquire for pricing options available Futaba RecieversR617FS - 7 channel 2,4 Ghz Extension leads
10cm 22awg ext leads, jr type plug
15cm 22awg Y-leads, jr type plug
Futaba / JR extension lead safety connector clips - per pack (5) Batteries and accessories
LiFePo4 Rx pack 1200Mah / 6,4V
Genuine A123 cells 2300Mah 3,3V per cell (LiFePo4) - 25Rx pack Transmitter 2100 Mah NiMh packs 9,6V flat pack
cell: 073 5007177
12V 7Ah gell cell Battery for starters etc Switches
switch with charge jack
RCEXL Big switch, with external charge jack Chargers and accesories
Vista Power EV650 charger NiCol NiMl, Lipo, life, Ph
4mm Gold Bullet style connectors M&F pair OS type F - four stroke plugs - OS71615009 Petrol fuel tubing 3mm I/D 6mm O/D - price per metre Long in cowl - Glow plug clip with alligator clips Tachometer - Prolux 2, 3 and 4 blade props Hobby Taiwan silicone tubing clear / blue
cell: 073 5007177
Engines and Mounts
MVVS 26cc Petrol including ignition & exhaust (Second hand) Mintor - Made in ITALY - all engines have a 3 Year guarantee
Mintor 37cc - engine only
Engine Mounts
Engine mount -.40 size
Gas engines - RCEXL Electronic Spares
cell: 073 5007177
RCEXL Inline tacho units with LCD display Hall sensor kits ( contains long and short hall sensor bracket) RCEXL single ignition module for CM6 plugs RCEXL single ignition module for CM8 plugs Gas engines accessories
Walbro Felt Clunk Filter large
Venturi stack for Walbro Carb 30-50cc (CRRC) Gas Engine Cannisters
30cc with flexible header & teflon joiner
50cc with flexible header & teflon joiner MT 70 cc 2 in 1 header and cannister combo Servos
Rich models S5010 std servos
Spring Rc Metal gear Analogue - 15,0 Kg torque - SM4315M Power HD 8325HV Titanium gear digital 31KG HXT 900 - 9 gram servos for park flyers / 450 size helis
cell: 073 5007177
JR 8911 digital aluminium gear 25,0 Kg, heatsink casing Carbon fibre servo arms for large scale - 65mm (pack of 2) Carbon fibre servo arms for large scale - 110mmCarbon fibre servo arms for large scale - 53mm (pack of 2) Carbon fibre servo arms for large scale - 40mm (pack of 2) Carbon fibre servo arms for large scale - 56mm double arm (pack of 2) Fuel and accesories
5L Coolpower 0% - 5 Litres
Putoline MX5 fully synthetic oil for 2 stroke engines ARF Kits
Goldwing ARF SBACH 342 50cc ALL CARBON incl custom carbon spinner
- GW-CU323A (Red, Black, White) Thunderbolt
Goldwing ARF SBACH 342 30cc ALL CARBON incl custom carbon spinner- GW (Red, Black, White) Goldwing ARF Ultimate 50cc size - oracover - GW-319C (RedYellow) Goldwing ARF Edge 540 50cc size - oracover Goldwing ARF MX2 50cc size - oracover - GW-U317A (green) Goldwing ARF Pitts Python 50cc size - oracover Goldwing ARF Yak55M 50cc size ALL CARBON - GW-U318B (RedYellow) Goldwing ARF Yak55M 30cc size ALL CARBON - GW-U209B (RedYellow)
cell: 073 5007177
Goldwing ARF MX2 30cc size - oracover - GW-U208B (green) Goldwing ARF Extra LP 30cc size - oracover Goldwing ARF YAK 55M Nitro.50 size - oracover Goldwing ARF YAK 54 Nitro.50 size - oracover Goldwing ARF YAK 54 26cc size - oracover- Red, black, white, yellow Goldwing 30cc carbon fibre under carridge Goldwing 50cc carbon fibre under carridge Goldwing replacement wing bolts 30 and 50cc planes Spinners
Aluminium Spinner nut - 8mm metric thread
8mm Brass nuts for aluminium spinner retainer (each) PROPELLORS
APC props
cell: 073 5007177
APC Elec. Propeller
14x10E - APC14010E
JXF Wooden props
3 blade props - please email us for pricing
Master airscrew - Windsor Profile
cell: 073 5007177
Hawk wooden props
18x6 (A1)
Menz Wooden Props
BR Wooden props
Electric slo - fly props
Master Scimitar Propellers:
16x8 - MAS1680S
16x8 - 3blade (pma16x83b) - PH16X83B
Electric accesories
EMAX ESC / Speed controllers
Emax 18 Amp
cell: 073 5007177
General / tools
3mm bullet connectors (pack of 3)
Sky-RC prop / Blade Balancers for planes and helis Pheonix Flight simulator - latest 2.5 version Pushrods
8" 2-56 Threaded rods (one side)
Sullivan 2-56 single end threaded rods (pack of 8) Sullivan 2-56 fully threaded rods 12" (pack of 3) Dubro
Mini Kwik link 2-56 size (pack of 2) - No. 228
Small nylon hinges (pack of 15) - No. 119 - ADB0119 Large Nylon hinges (pack of 15) - No. 117
cell: 073 5007177
Nut du-bro nylon insert lock (2-56) - ADB0168 Srew du-bro socket head cap 2-56x3/4" - ADB0311 Bellcrank du-bro assembly nylon 90 - ADB0167 Ball links du-bro swivel w/hardware 2-56 - ADB2135 Pilots
Black horse P60 - 50size Nitro plane
Balsa and ply
all balsa sheets 1000x100mm wide
Second Hand Items
Spirit Glider airfarme only- flyabale but old and needs TLC
Yak 54, incl 5 servos, JEN 56 motor RTF excl Rx Align parts - too many to list, please enquire for latest pricing
Canopy nut rubbers (pack of 4) - H50056T
Trex 600 motor pinioin gear - 13T - H60061T Trex 500 torque tube drive gear set - H50097T Engine spares
cell: 073 5007177
MT70cc reedsMT70cc complete reed blockNTN 6002 sealed bearingsMT cylinder head gasketsMT70 reed block gaskets (a pair)MT35cc reed gasket blockWalbro carb kit K10-WATWalbro carb kit K10-HDMT35cc side dump mufflerMT35cc complete reed blockMT35cc four bolt prop hubMT70cc four bolt prop hubMT exhaust gasketsMT35cc four bolt crank shaftsMT35cc fibre glass reeds



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