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Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust are supporting the national campaign ‘NoSmoking Day’ on March 10 to try and encourage people to kick the habit.
The Specialist Tobacco Advisers in Huddersfield are taking part in the nationalawareness day, by having a stand in the main entrance of the Huddersfield RoyalInfirmary and inviting staff and patients to come and talk to them directly about theeffects of smoking and ways to give up. The Advisors are also giving staff and patients the opportunity to have a carbonmonoxide breath test whether you are a smoker or non-smoker.
No Smoking day helps smokers who want to stop smoking by offering an opportunity togive up in the company of thousands of others. The day aims to help smokers to stopby raising awareness, increasing motivation and by encouraging smokers to stop on aspecific day. Research shows that over one million smokers attempt to quit each yearon No Smoking Day, with an estimated 40,000 successfully stopping.
Annette Priestley, Specialist Tobacco Adviser, said: “Around 13 million adults in the UKsmoke, and smoking is still the largest preventable cause of death and disease in theUK today. Smoking is associated with around 50 diseases, including: heart disease,lung cancer and peripheral vascular disease – to name a few”.
No Smoking Day has come up with ten top tips to giving up smoking: 1. Set a date and stick to it – No Smoking Day on March 10 is an ideal day.
2. Write down all the reasons you want to stop – Keep the list handy as a reminder if
you are tempted to have a cigarette.
3. Keep a diary – Note down all the times and places you smoke, with a note on how
much you needed each cigarette, this wil help you plan for tricky moments.
4. Get help – Let family and friends know your giving up, your GP, nurse and
pharmacist will give you advice on how to stop.
5. Do it with others – Find others who would like to give up and agree to support each
6. Ease the withdrawal symptoms – Nicotine is addictive, and you may experience
withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms are temporary and can be eased with treatments like
NRT or Zyban.
7. Prepare to stop smoking – get rid of lighters, ashtrays and matches and make sure
you don’t have any cigarettes around.
8. Take it one day at a time – Concentrate on getting through each day without a
9. Break the links that create a bad habit – Most smokers will have times and places
when they always have a cigarette, try to avoid these situations at first.
10. Learn to relax – try learning breathing exercises to help you relax.
Once stopped, stay stopped – remember that ‘just one cigarette’ will lead to another.
Keep reminding yourself of the health and other benefits of giving up smoking.
No Smoking day coincides with the ‘call it quits with Calendar and the NHS’ campaignrunning from March 1 – March 10.
Calendar news will have daily features with smokers, ex smokers and smoking advisorsappearing and talking about their personal experiences of smoking.
Patients and staff are encouraged to phone Annette Priestley on 01484 347101 forfurther advice, or call the Huddersfield Stop Smoking Service on free phone 0800 1832056 For further information, please contact Rachel Inglis, Communications Assistant
on 01422 224202.


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