Secondary hormonal manipulations in the treatment of castration refractory prostate cancer

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undetectable PSA. There were two CRs and 6 also been shown to be associated with PSA Nakabayashi M, Oh WK, Jacobus S et al.
PRs, with an overall PSA response rate of 21%. These included one CR and four PRs in 15 patients with prior chemotherapy. However resistant prostate cancer. BJU Int 2010; the median duration of benefit was only 21 105: 1392-6
weeks (5 months) similar to prior reports of Scher HI, Halabi S, Tannock I et al.
Design and end points of clinical trials for signaling in disease progression in CRPC has patients with progressive prostate cancer It is of interest that 31 of 37 patients had led to the development of newer drugs such as abiraterone and MDV 3100. Abiraterone acetate (Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, Clinical Trials Working Group. J Clin Oncol NJ), is an orally administered pregnenolone 2008; 26: 1148-59
meaning with respect to response, and has analog that irreversibly inhibits CYP17 (a key Chen Y, Clegg NJ, Scher HI. Anti-
been misconstrued as suggestive of clinical enzyme in androgen synthesis) and blocks the benefit [4]. Therefore, the Prostate Cancer synthesis of androgens in the testes, adrenal Clinical Trials Working Group 2 (PCWG2) has glands and prostate, without causing adrenal insufficiency [1]. MDV 3100 (Medivation Inc, The Lancet Oncology 2009; 10:
San Francisco, CA) is an orally administered maximal PSA decline/patient be reported in a novel AR antagonist that binds to AR with a Small EJ, Halabi S, Dawson NA et al.
waterfall plot. Waterfall plots allow a given much higher affinity (eight times higher) than data set to be analyzed on the basis of any bicalutamide and blocks nuclear translocation degree of decline and to be compared to other promising results of phase 2 clinical trials, patients: a phase III trial (CALGB 9583). there are currently several ongoing phase 3 J Clin Oncol 2004; 22: 1025-33
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inhibitory affect on several enzymes involved patients with progressive CRPC, with results Jackman DM, Kantoff PW, Oh WK.
in androgen synthesis and has been widely expected in near future. Until more promising used in combination with hydrocortisone for ketoconazole remains a pertinent option in ketoconazole is associated with significant patients with CRPC when clinical trials are not independent prostate cancer. Cancer toxicities. The effect of ketoconazole on 2006; 107: 975-81
overall survival is difficult to discern [5]. In a phase 3 study of 260 patients with CRPC, PSA REFERENCES
responses and ORs were significantly higher Neeraj Agarwal* and
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B J U I N T E R N A T I O N A L 2 0 1 0 B J U I N T E R N A T I O N A L


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