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• Truly compact: 4.60" diameter - same as a CD! • UV ranges simultaneously- UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV
• Measure UV curing system performance • Establish UV level for proper curing radiometer, the operator can immediately quantify the process. After product is cured satisfactorily, the operator exposes the radiometer to the same UV process. The UV level readings • Measure changes in spectral distribution ratios as the UV By using the data provided by the radiometer, true process Introduction
control can be achieved. At start-up each day, the operator EIT UV Power Puck is a self-contained, electro-optic exposes the radiometer to the curing process, takes readings, instrument designed to measure and display peak UV and observes if the readings are within his curing parameters irradiance and total UV energy density used in the UV curing for a satisfactory cure for the particular product to be run. The process. The Power Puck's unique compact design, only 4.60 operator can make adjustments by changing length of inches in diameter and ½ inch high, allows it to be placed exposure time, cleaning reflectors, or even relamping in order directly in most curing environments. The instrument operates to obtain the desired UV levels, thereby assuring consistency successfully in the extremes of UV and thermal radiation often in the curing process. The radiometer quantifies the UV curing system, and takes a great deal of guesswork out of the overall curing process. Contact EIT for more information on A carefully designed optical sensing system measures total establishing and maintaining your UV process window. UV energy density on 4 different channels simultaneously. These four different channels represent four different UV Operation
bandwidths of interest for most curing applications: UVA (320-390nm), UVB (280-320nm), UVC (250-260nm), and The EIT UV Power Puck is very easy to use. Simply push the UVV (395-445nm). The output of the sensing system is "Reset" button and send the unit through a curing system, converted to a digital form and then displayed on the LCD by either conveyorized or stationary. The unit begins scrolling through a user-friendly menu. Total UV energy accumulating data when UV energy is encountered which is density measured in joules/cm2 is the result of the integrated greater than its built-in threshold. After the Power Puck has irradiance during exposure time. It is how much actual UV been passed through the UV process, the results of its energy was impinged on the unit from the time it encountered measurements can be easily accessed by touching the "Select" UV until the time the UV source was removed. The UV button to toggle the display menu. Measurements displayed Power Puck also monitors the peak irradiance in watts/cm2. will be the UV bandwidth being monitored, the total UV This allows the operator to determine not only the total energy energy density in joules/cm2, and the peak UV irradiance in density, but also how that energy is delivered; i.e., at what watts/cm2. If a low battery condition exists, this will also be Why Use a Radiometer
The unit will time itself out after approximately two minutes on non-use to conserve battery life. After the unit times itself When product is passed through a curing system and the out, the first measurements obtained by the Power Puck for all resulting cure is satisfactory, the operator normally does not bandwidths on all menus can be accessed by pushing the know what UV level was required to obtain this cure. "Select" button again. This information will remain available Therefore, he may not be able to repeat this process until the user pushes the "Reset" button to initiate a new successfully next week or next month. With the use of a EIT, Inc. 108 Carpenter Drive, Sterling, VA 20164 Phone (703) 707-9067 Fax (703) 478-0815
The unit is able to withstand extremely demanding operating The Power Puck is battery powered using lithium, user- conditions. Since the internal temperature should not exceed replaceable batteries. A weak battery will trigger a "Lo Batt" 80oC, a safety, audible high temperature alarm will provide a status. Data remains valid even in "Lo Batt" status. When the warning that the unit is approaching an unsafe internal battery voltage affects data integrity, zeros are displayed in all The EIT Power Puck can accommodate energy irradiance The EIT Power Puck comes in a protective foam-lined carry levels up to 5W/cm2. Also available is an optional 10W/cm2 version and several Low Power options. Total energy range is Specifications
Standard Version
10 Watt Version
Low Power Versions
UVA, UVB, UVV - 50 microW/cm2 to 50mW/cm2 UVA, UVB UVV - 100 microW/cm2 to 100mW/cm2 0 to 5 W/cm2 (UVA, UVB, UVV); Optional 10W/cm2 unit also available Internal Radiometer Temperature Degrees Celsius (80oC max) Push button switch allows user to obtain data from both display modes, irradiance and energy dosage 0-80o C internal. The unit will tolerate much higher external temperatures for short periods. A safety audible alarm will sound if internal temperature rises above a safe level. Approximately 4 minutes RUN mode; 2 minutes DISPLAY mode Two user replaceable lithium cells, Duracell DL2450, Sanyo CR2450 or equivalent 4.60" diameter x.50" high (11.7cm x 1.27cm) Cut polyurethane interior. Soft, Scruff-resistant nylon cover, 1 lb. (453.6 grams) EIT, Inc. 108 Carpenter Drive, Sterling, VA 20164 Phone (703) 707-9067 Fax (703) 478-0815


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