TEDDY BEAR HOSPITAL COMES TO THE VICARAGE On Wednesday 21 November, medical students from St George's University visited the Vicarage and transformed the Hall into a Teddy Bear Hospital. Prep E and S children brought in their favourite cuddly toy and learnt how to clean teeth, take their temperature, check for a heart beat, bandage and apply plasters as well as dress up in real scrubs! The Teddy Bear Hospital is an international project aimed at reducing childhood anxiety about medical professionals, environments and procedures. Preps W and N are looking forward to their surgery next Wednesday. Miss Gemma Meyrick - Prep S Parking: Please do NOT park across driveways - not
Lady Colquhoun met the Gaps who are joining 50NL even for 'just two minutes' as it never is! We have had (photographed below) and the Vicarage in 2013, last complaints from neighbours who cannot leave their drive- week in Canberra. We look forward to welcoming them ways to go out, which is utterly unacceptable and brings to Broomwood Hall and hope they will have a very the school into disrepute. I am on the warpath about this.
Scooters and bikes: Please do not leave any scooters or
bikes at school over the weekends. 50NL is always open on
Saturdays and we cannot therefore guarantee that they will
be secure. We would advise taking them home at the end of
each day as a number have sadly gone missing.
Mrs Sarah Gaham - Head of Lower School
On Friday 30 November we celebrate St Andrew's Day with a piper at each building. Class 3 will be performing 'The Dashing White Sergeant' on the court at 50 Dominic Gunning, Lady Coquhoun, Rowan de Toit Nightingale Lane and children and parents are invited to come along and watch - shortbread and hot chocolate will be available from 8.30. Children may wear tartan to celebrate. Lunch will take on a Scottish theme and the whole school will be treated to haggis or mince (for the not so brave) with neeps and tatties followed by shortbread and toffee sauce, in true Scottish tradition.
Mrs Sarah Gaham - Head of Lower SchoolCHURCH CORNER Thursday 29 November: Class 7N will present their play
at St Luke's Church. Coffee from 8.30 - do join us.
Rebecca Young, Alison Reid, Lady Colquhoun, Rachel Ibbotson PLEASE NOTE: FULL DETAILS OF ANY ITEM IN RED CAN BE SEEN ON OUR WEBSITE www.broomwood.co.uk
Calendars, Bears, Pens, Coffee and Wrist Bands!
Tuesday 27 November
On Monday 26 November there will be a Broomwood in 10.45-11.15*Class 1E & 1N Nativity Play dress rehearsal - Ethiopia Pop-Up-Shop outside the Vicarage from 2.45-3.45 and at 50NL at 3.15-3.45. We will also be 11.45-12.15 *Class 1S & 1W Nativity Play dress rehearsal - outside the Upper School on Tuesday 27 November from 4.45-5.30. Please come and fi ll your Christmas stockings Wednesday 28 November
with goodies whilst supporting the school charity! Toy Fair boxes outside The Vicarage and 50NL Carole Rawlence - Broomwood in Ethiopia Class 3 "Romans": Roman Feast - Hall, 50NL Thursday 29 November
Toy Fair Wednesday 5 December: Make sure you have
* Church Service: Class 7N - St Luke's Church plenty of room for all the treats Father Christmas is going to 1.30-2.15 * Class 1E & 1N Nativity Play with tea afterwards bring! Clear out your old toys and donate them to the beloved Broomwood Christmas Toy Fair where the Lower School 2.30-3.15 * Class 1S & 1W Nativity Play with tea afterwards children will be buying Christmas presents for their siblings. Donation boxes will go out at all sites starting on Monday Friday 30 November
26 November. All donations must be in very good condition St Andrew's Day - Piping Display at all (remember your children are going to be buying them). No soft toys or VHS cassettes. Please bring in toys, games, puzzles, * St Andrew's Day dancing display - Court, 50NL books, stationery, scarves, wallets, frames, CDs and DVDs, bags etc. The Toy Fair will be held on Wednesday 5 December * U8 Netball Tournament: Class 3 (50NL) A team and the children will be bringing home a letter with further details and a shopping list. All gifts will be priced at £1 each.
Football: Class 3 (50NL) Inter House - Clapham Thank you to all children who brought in their Christmas
shoeboxes to support the Samaritans Purse Operation
Sunday 2 December
"Christmas Child". We had lots of donations which will be 9.00-11.30 * Thomas's Interschools Cross Country: Cl 3-6 - Are you a winner?
Go to the Broomwood website and check to
see if you have money to collect from the last Wednesday 5 December
second hand uniform sale. Details of how much you have made, and where you can 9.00-12.00 Parents Association Toy Fair - Vicarage1.50 Swimming: Class 1N and one third of 1S - collect it, are listed within the secondhand uniform pages (money not collected by the end of term will be donated to the school charity). Any questions, contact Anne Scott, Wednesday 12 December
anneseymour@hotmail.com or Fran Bowler, fabowler@ *Lower School Carol Service - St Luke's Church Class 1 are rehearsing hard and are really excited to invite you to their nativity play on Thursday 29 November, to be Congratulations to the following girls who will represent performed in St Luke's Church. If you have not done so 50NL in a netball tournament on Friday 30 November already, please do follow the link www.broomwood.co.uk against Hornsby House, Garrad's Road, and Finton House: to view the children's video invitation which can be found in Harriet Baker, Elodie Davis, Anouschka Hartley, Isabella Current Parents/Lower School/Notices. A creche will be run Docherty, Hannah Bewes, Allegra Bantoft, Ella Ward and by mothers at which you can leave younger siblings for the Miss Colette Shearer - Sport & PE Teacher ALL CHANGE FOR SWIMMING SIGHT AND VISION TESTING Sight and vision testing for the Preps will take place on Class 1W and a third of 1S have had a wonderful time Friday 30 November and Monday 3 December. Should swimming and they have perfected a very relaxing ending you wish your child to be tested, please complete the form to the lesson as demonstrated below! It has been lovely you received in your information boxes at the start of term to see all their confi dence in the water grow over the (I have spares if necessary) and return to me by Tuesday term and they have had a lot of fun splashing around. On 27 November at the absolute latest. Please note cheques Wednesday 5 December we will hand the pool over to 1N should be made payable to 'Hearline'.
Mrs Suzanne Thompson - School Secretary (Vicarage) Miss Katharine Hunter Johnston - Class 1W & Class 1S. If you have a nanny/mother's help who might be able to help with the creche for younger siblings during the Lower School Carol Service (1.45-3.15 on Wednesday 12 December) please could you contact Caroline Bewes on cebewes@gmail.com PLEASE NOTE: FULL DETAILS OF ANY ITEM IN RED CAN BE SEEN ON OUR WEBSITE www.broomwood.co.uk

Source: http://broomwood.co.uk/uploads/1/LS_Week_13_Michaelmas_Term__2012_for_website_no_names.pdf


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HarryCrowe FOUNDATION Protecting the Integrity of Academic Work Friday, November 2 Laurier Alcove Laurier Room 13:15 Howard Pawley , President of the Harry Crowe Foundation. Adjunct Political Science, University of Windsor. Academic Entrepreneurship and the Integrity of Science: Are Reconcilable? Sheldon Krimsky , Professor of Urban & Environmental P

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