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Vice Chairman P Randall presided, Cllrs J Barsley, R Dafter, C Woodley, I McEwen, B
Stanley R Carter and Clerk M. Powell.
Apologies for absence
Cllr Mrs C Cornford and M Mackenzie for family commitments
Declaration of Interests
Members were reminded that if a member has a prejudicial interest in an agenda item,
this should be declared at the start of the meeting.
Personal interests may be declared at this point or, alternatively, can be declared at the
time a specific item is being discussed if that member wishes to speak on the item in
which s/he has a personal interest. In case of doubt about such an interest Councillors
are advised to contact the Monitoring Officer before the meeting or declare the interest
Approve Minutes of the full meeting of 7th March
The minutes were agreed as being correct and duly signed by the Chairman.
Public Question Time
Planning Applications.

Retrospective Change of use of agricultural land to site 11 mobile homes (seasonaloccupancy) for key farm workersRecommendation-ApprovalRecommend approval subject to recommendations of Rural Planning Ltd and that asatisfactory investigation is completed into sewage disposal on the site 11/00547/House/SE2 The Cottage, the Green, Matfield
Single Storey extension
Recommendation- Refusal
Recommend refusal as the materials used is totally out of keeping within a conservation
area and that the extension will interfere with the visual amenity of the area.
11/00354/House/SE2 The Cottage, the Green, Matfield
Minor alterations to door and window
Double GarageUnable to make a recommendation as the site plans11/005859 and 11/00590 differ inrespect of the barn situated in the NW corner of Cowden Mill Barn 11/00590/FUL/SE2
Removal of condition 2 of planning permission 00/00913, the building shall not be usedother than for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of Cowden; change of use ofredundant farm buildings to ancillary residential use.
Recommendation-Approval 11/00654/House/CW1
Paint front and north elevations to match existingWould defer our recommendation without further information on the conservation officer'sconsideration of the paint material being used. Without reassurance the paint specified issuitable for old rendering we would be unable to recommend approval.
Two storey side and single storey front extensionsRecommendation-ApprovalWe would prefer to see the ridge line subservient to the main building 11/00784/House/SJM
Garage block with room in roof spaceRecommendation- RefusalWe consider this over-intensification of the site and disproportionally large compared tothe rest of the site 11/00812/TPO/DMD
Blue Cedar Cut back 2 boughs & 1 branch overhanging house by 2-4 ft. Group ofwestern cedar reduce height by 20% and prune lateral branches by 6 to 18 inchesRecommendation-Neutral 11/00738/House/SE2
Single storey rear extension including adaption of existing outbuilding to form annexeRecommendation- RefusalWe object on similar grounds to the last application for a separate building development.
The design is poor and gives rise to considerable massing of the development. Thestructure lends itself to future separation as a stand-alone property. It is still outside thelimits of built development Decisions taken by TWBC

Alteration to existing cat slide roof to form pitched roof to match adjacent granaryRecommendation-Approval Decision-Approval 11/00120/FUL/TA1
Four bedroom house (replacement)Recommendation-Refusal Decision-Refusal Meetings Attended
Colts Hill
Cllr Randal attended a meeting of the Colts Hill steering group. Work is expected shortly
on installation of interactive traffic signs to improve safety at the junction of Crittenden
Road and Colts Hill.
Cllrs Randall, Stanley and Woodley attended a meeting of KALC where Lee Colyer of
TWBC presented the annual budget.
Cllrs Dafter and Mrs Cornford attended a meeting at Matfield Pavilion which was also
attended by some of the young adults of the area. The atmosphere was good and
representatives of the Cricket Club were happy that the Pavilion could be used for youth
entertainment provided that adult supervision was in place and that the youngsters
respected the pavilion, its interior appearance and the facilities it provided.
Matters Arising
Matfield Green
The mesh laying has been completed. The kerbs need back filling with tarmac and the
Clerk has approached LJ Marsh of Pembury to provide a price, who quote £440 plus
VAT. The PC agreed this was acceptable and asked to Clerk to instruct the contractors.
C A Forward has been instructed to repair the posts and chain around the Green.
However due to holiday they will not be able to attend to it until May
Litter Picking
The event on consecutive Saturdays was considered a success. Some 15 volunteers
from Matfield and 20 from Brenchley cleared in excess of 40 sacks of rubbish together
with a quantity of tyres, wheels and broken televisions etc.
Petteridge Playing Ground
As requested the Clerk has written to the residents whose garage building has
obstructed the right of way into Petteridge playground to advise that the PC still wish to
retain the ability to use the right of way.
Horticultural Society
A request to use the green for their annual flower show on 16th July. As usual they
propose to erect a marquee which would be used by the Church in the evening and the
Star for a charity event on the Saturday. This was agreed as acceptable subject to the
usual conditions of litter, insurance etc.
Other Matters as maybe previously notified
High Sherriff of Kent
The Clerk was asked to write to Mrs G Warner on behalf of the Council congratulating
her installation as High Sherriff.
Affordable Housing Opening Ceremony
A date needs to be chosen for the opening ceremony. TCHG have give suggested
alternatives as Mon 13th, Wed 15th and Thurs 16th June. It was agreed that the 15th or 16th
would be appropriate and allow TCHG to make the decision.
Petteridge Playground
A report from Cllr Woodley was received. Ten responses to the questionnaire had been
received which was considered reasonable together with four offers of help. Suggestions
on future use included play equipment, family space - perhaps for barbecues, etc.,
adventure playground - ramps for bikes, swings, etc., a more permanent, safe structure
for kids to play in, raised-beds for growing food, which kids are then taught how to cook,
some bench seats and a robust shelter in a corner, turn 'The Field' into a 'Mini Park', with
a large grassed area in the middle, a small wooded area along the bottom and an area
for "Children's Junk".
He proposed various next steps should include a notice in Roundabout about the
outcome, clearance of the site, the development of an outline management plan, with
KHWP. Boundaries needed defining; dead trees needed felling with TPO's sought on the
remaining Oaks. Funding sources would need to be explored
Cllr Woodley was thanked for his efforts and it was agreed budgets would be considered
in September.
Parish Annual Meeting
Consideration was given to items for the inclusion in Roundabout. The new Leader of
TWBC Cllr R Atwood had been invited and it was agreed to invite the new Borough
Councillor once they had been elected. Cllr Woodley had previously agreed to give a
short presentation on the future planning the PC was considering and Tonbridge Film
Makers were going to present their film made during the year on the Parish.
Jack Verral Garden and the old cross
The intention was to partially sink the cross head into the ground but the Clerk has had
difficulty in finding a suitable and affordable tradesperson. Efforts are continuing.
Some potholes have been attended to and others have been marked as awaiting repair.
It was generally agreed that the service from Highways had improved this year.
Damaged Road Signs
The fingerpost on the triangle around the tree in Brenchley has rotted away around the
base and has been removed for repair by Ringway Signs on behalf of KCC. The Clerk
was asked to contact Highways to get them to confirm they had the signpost, that they
intended its repair and an estimated timescale.
It has been reported effluent is running down Gedges Hill. The Clerk has contacted SWA
who do not have any sewers on the hill and therefore TWBC environmental health has
been notified who will attend to locate the problem.
Waste Bin for Cinderhill Wood
Following several requests for a litter bin in Cinderhill Wood an answer has been
received from the Cleaner Borough Dept which states they are unable to help. They do
not have any bins suitable for a woodland environment and normally only consider
installing bins where they will get maximum use. Emptying the bin would entail costs. Cllr
Barsley raised the point that a bin was required by the entrance and that the council
emptied the wheelie bin there on a regular basis.
Accounts for Payment
M Powell
Date of next meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday 19th April in Brenchley Memorial Hall at 7.30pm.


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