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For porter to carry gear, approx 75-90 litres. Large enough for all trekking gear and clothing Around 30 litre capacity. Plus rain-cover and/or waterproof liner if the backpack is not waterproof. The Osprey Talon 33 is a perfect size and is highly recommended, or something else of equivalent capacity and functionality Waterproof mid-weight semi-stiff hiking boots. High ankle and broken in with plenty of toe room for downhill. Also consider options for preventing and treating blisters, eg liner socks, body glide, hiking wool, blister packs etc Various weights. Merino is particularly good in terms of weight to warmth and does not smell One with zip-off legs, to convert to shorts is ideal One lightweight, one heavyweight. These can be used for camp wearing and sleeping Merino is particularly good in terms of weight to warmth and does not smell The quantity based on personal preferences Fleece or wool hat and/or something to wrap around your face on summit night when can be bitterly cold at altitude Fresh batteries for summit day, plus spares. The Petzel Tikka 2 is excellent and highly recommended. Travel wet wipes (approx 6-10 per day), toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, moisturiser, anti-bacterial gel/spray, soap Light pack towel for drying off after a body wash With alarm. You do have to stick to a timetable, and being prompt and on time is necessary For tipping, in small currencies, $1, $10, $20 and $50s, and for purchases off-mountain. Do some research, take extra if you can but don't get caught short Total capacity at least 3L. If using a bladder system, fit an insulation cover on the tube for summit day to prevent water freezing Other Info
Technical hiking shirt with collar to keep sun off neck A spare for post-hike around camp wearing For wearing around camp, something easy to slip on and off. Take off shoelaces for easy entry and exit. It is tricky slipping into shoes from a tent. Eg old running shoes or old low ankle boots etc Used for stuffing spare clothes to make a pillow Waterproof and in various sizes. Compression models are great to reduce size. Handy for separating dirty and clean clothes and keeping everything organised Zip-lock style, very handy for organising and separating bits and pieces An alternative to a facecloth for a body wash, this is easy to dry The spare is for post-hike around camp wearing and as a backup Some people consider this an essential item Eye cover for sleeping, ear plugs. On summit day, you will need to rest during the day and it can be full sunshine and noisy in the camp. Quantity and variety based on personal taste, but try to get the most carbohydrate for energy, protein for recovery and electrolyte for water retention. Or thermal covers for water bottles to minimise freezing on summit day Diarrhoea: Immodium, Magnesium (upset stomachs), nausea pills (Valoid), painkillers, anti-inflamatory, topical anti-biotic for insect bites (fucicort), Rehydration/electrolytes, abrasions, blisters and cuts, antiseptic cream (Betadine), flu and colds, eye drops, insect repellent Toe clippers, tweezers, swiss army knife for keeping the toenails and cuticles trimmed and clean etc To lock zippers if security is an issue in the camp Other Info
A small bucket, with it's wide opening is more practical and easier to use at night in the tent. It is a cheap option and can be discarded at the end of the trek. Very useful if taking Diamox, which increases the visits to the toilet at night Just in case, the altitude can affect cycles  Travel  Documents  
Valid  passport  and  visa  Airline  ticket  International  health  card  with  immunizations  (Yellow  fever)  Travel  insurance  Medical  insurance  US$  cash  /  Travel ers  Checks  /  Credit  Card    Money  belt  for  passport  and  valuables  


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Psoriasis Psoriasis is a common skin condition affecting 1 or 2 in every 100 people. It has a tendency to run in families. It can startat any age but it most commonly starts between the ages of 15 and 25. The severity of psoriasis varies greatly betweenpeople. In some, it can be mild with a few small patches of psoriasis being barely noticeable. In others there may be arash over many


the spirit of friendliness and joy that is part of the holiday. There is no maximum to the amount of Shaloch Manos that can be given. The minimum is 2 types of food to one friend. It is best to send it through a Shaliach (messenger); a child can also act as the Halachos of Purim 5772 messenger. Those that are in the midst of year-long mourning (Rachmono Litzlon) for the loss of a parent, or

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