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Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
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Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
What is Arthritis and What Causes It?

Arthritis is a condition of swollen and aching joints and tendons caused by calcification.
Typical conditions include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. The term arthritis refers to more than 100 different diseases that affect the joints (the places in your body where bones meet) and, sometimes, muscles and other tissues. These diseases fall into two categories. One form of arthritis - called degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis - results from the breakdown of the cushioning tissue inside joints called cartilage. The other form of arthritis - called inflammatory arthritis - results from inflammation (redness, warmth and swelling) in the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is a Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis affects bones, typically in the neck, fingers, hands, lower back, hips, and knees. The cartilage that cushions the joints wears out and breaks apart, and bone spurs develop which make ends of bones in the joints rub together painfully. The fluid-filled synovial membrane in the joint becomes irritated and causes swelling. The condition is exacerbated by obesity, injury, and physical stress. Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by the inflammation of the membrane lining the joint, which causes pain, stiffness, warmth, redness and swelling. The inflamed joint lining can invade and damage bone and cartilage. Inflammatory cells release enzymes that may digest bone and cartilage. The joint can lose its shape and alignment, resulting in pain and loss of movement. The condition often affects the same joint on both sides of the body, particularly shoulders and arms. Gout is normally an acute condition that affects the ankles or foot, usually the ball of the big toe with swelling, redness of the skin, and agonizing sensitivity. Gout occurs when uric acid levels are so high in the blood that it crystallizes in bone joints. as a result of an Cause and Exacerbation
The manner in which arthritis is caused is by ingesting calcium in a form that prevents its absorption and proper metabolism so that it collects on the ends of tendons and bones, by consuming foods or evolving a body condition that produces within the body acids and waste matter that solidify and lock the bone joints, and by reduced immune function. Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
The number one behavior contributing to arthritis is improper diet and insufficient water in the diet. Some of the worst intakes are eggs, bread, milk, meat, salt, and sugar because they cause arthritic calcification. Cold temperatures and consuming extremely hard water (generally of twelve or more grains in hardness) will often accentuate an Some researchers have asserted arthritis is caused by bacteria. Preventing and Curing Arthritis

There are a number of things you can do to alleviate, and sometimes reverse, the
arthritic condition, without resorting to corticosteroids and harmful pharmaceuticals. Insufficient water exacerbates any body illness and is the biggest reason people suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, and numerous other maladies. For more details buy the books or visit the sites below: Regimen
My recommendation is that you have 1 ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight daily. The regimen that works best (for many reasons I won't detail here) is: ½ litre upon arising in the morning and ½ liter ½ hour prior to each meal, and no water within 2 hours after eating. The pre-noon water should be taken with a teaspoon of sea salt, and lunch should be accompanied by sipping a hot cup of CalMag "tea", made with the CalMag formula. Benefits, to Name Just a Few
If you drink sufficient water, you will not over-eat, toxins will be properly eliminated through the bowels, skin, and breath, your bowel movements will be (more) regular, and you will reduce the likelihood of kidney dysfunction and kidney stones. You will also build blood volume, lower brain temperature, and better regulate blood pressure. Cleanses
Cleansing is the first thing you do to put yourself on a path to good health, for they remove deadly toxins from the body, toxins you get from food, water, other substances you ingest, inhale, or expose your skin to. Cleanses include de-worming the body and cleaning the intestines, liver, kidneys, blood, lungs, and skin so that toxins are eliminated from the body and kept flowing outward. Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
These cleanses are critically important because it is impossible for the body to heal itself if it is infested with parasites, contains fecal impactions, has lymphatic blockages, is ridden with viral and bacterial infection, loaded with liver and kidney stones, and has a depressed immune system. Perform the following cleanses, in the order given: parasite cleanse, intestinal cleanse (small and large intestines), liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, blood cleanse. You can get details about these from can get some of the cleansing products at Here are a few comments about cleansing: ‰ Getting rid of parasites requires taking a teaspoon each of wormwood leaves,
freshly ground cloves, and a tincture made from the green hulls of black walnuts daily for 3 weeks. ‰ Cleansing the intestines requires rebuilding the colony of good bacteria in the
small intestine, and taking herbs that increase peristaltic action to break loose fecal impaction and flush it out - sometimes upper colonics are necessary. ‰ Cleansing the liver is a week-long process that dilates the bile passages and
expunges liver stones from the liver and gall bladder. It may need to be repeated every month or so till no more stones can be removed. ‰ Cleansing the kidneys requires ingesting juices and herbs that dissolve the 7
kinds of crystalline stones that can grow in the kidneys - the process is painless and requires no ultrasonic or surgical activity. ‰ Cleansing the blood involves ingesting cleansing herbs and cayenne pepper as
part of the daily diet - it is a simple and relatively inexpensive lifestyle change. ‰ Cleansing the lymph system involves daily exercise (like hot sex) that provokes
heavy breathing, and requires that you stop wearing restrictive clothing like brassieres around lymph channels like under the arms. ‰ Cleansing the skin involves daily baths and, while bathing or showering,
scrubbing the skin with a rough cloth to help it to breathe and get rid of dead skin, exercising or using a sauna or steam room in such a way that you sweat ‰ Certain "energy" cleanses include transcendental meditation, yoga exercises,
and acupuncture. These are highly praised in some Asian cultures, and may be All cleanses require that you drink abundant water, as given in the topic above, daily. Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
Diet and Herbs
An alkaline diet is required for relief from arthritis. I recommend getting meat out of the diet, and incorporating into the diet raw, organic, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, and berries. Aside from soups, the only foods you should cook are proteins or vegetables to hard to eat raw, and those should not be over-cooked. Try making lots of fresh salads and eat a huge one every day, loaded with such things as cabbage, celery, endive, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, onion, radish, watercress, spinach, kale, arugula, dandelion greens, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom, asparagus Herbs
The following herbs are reputed to alleviate arthritis pain: celery seed, fenugreek, gingerly seeds, mustard seed, cayenne peppers, burdock leaves, devil's claw, tumeric root, alfalfa leaves and seeds, potato juice, fresh pineapple juice (bromelain), lime juice, yucca stalk, wild yam root, hydrangea, Brigham tea, chaparral, black walnut hulls, black cohosh root, wild lettuce leaves, sarsaparilla root, and valerian root. Burdock leaves and roots help to decalcify joints and tendons, and work well as ingredients for a poultice as well as a tea. Cayenne Extract
You can make cayenne extract by blending together hot peppers with a pint or more of vodka in a blender, putting the mushy solution into a jar, then filling it to the top with vodka, sealing it tightly, and setting it in the sunshine for a month, shaking it daily. At the end of that time, strain out and discard the pulp. I recommend adding garlic, ginger, gingerly seeds, fenugreek, mustard seed, devil's claw, tumeric root, alfalfa seeds, and burdock root into the blender with the peppers. This will produce an arthritis-specific formula. You can take a dropperful or two of the cayenne daily, and add a few drops to the oil you Juicing Daily
You should buy and use a juicer, and drink at least a quart of fresh organic vegetable and fruit juice daily. Every two months, stop eating altogether for a week and take no food at all except in Dr. John Christopher's Anti-Arthritis Formulas
Dr. John Christopher was a renowned herbalist with a photographic memory who was wildly successful in treating arthritis. He was known to use burdock root tea and burdock leaf poultices to break down calcifications, loosen joints, and relieve pain in his arthritic patients. Along with administering burdock, he required diet changes from his Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
I am including the following data related to curing arthritis from his lectures and Dr. Christopher had special understanding and empathy for arthritic conditions because he had suffered from the same ailment early in his life. His knowledge was first- hand: if he stayed on a mucusless diet, with olive oil or wheat germ oil, he scarcely noticed his arthritis. But if he ate breads or pastries, he needed a cane to walk. If he ate sugar, he became crippled. And if he ate red meat, he was back to his wheelchair within two days. He knew first-hand the healing benefits of burdock root, which works a chemical reaction on calcified joints of arthritis. He used it as the basis of AR- 1, his arthritis and rheumatism formula. He added yucca stalk, wild yam root, hydrangea, Brigham tea, chaparral, black walnut hulls, black cohosh root, wild lettuce leaves, sarsaparilla root, valerian root, and cayenne; herbs that detoxify and cleanse the condition, remove calcium deposits, relieve pain and kill infection. He saw this formula work miracles in even the most advanced cases. He always warned patients not to expect healing to take place all at once, for in arthritis there is much rebuilding and healing to do. To the AR-1 formula, he added hot fomentations over extremely painful joints, a quart or two of kidney bean pod tea daily, the mucusless diet, and daily use of the Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage formula. AR-1: Arthritis-Rheumatism Formula.
This combination consists of yucca, hydrangea root, Brigham herb, chaparral, lobelia, burdock root, sarsaparilla, wild lettuce, valerian, wormwood, cayenne, black cohosh, and black walnut. Here is a combination of herbs that detoxify; act as a solvent for the accepted but not assimilated calcium deposits; herbs that relieve pain; herbs rich in new acceptable organic calcium that can be assimilated and useful; herbs that kill fungus and infection and that have the ability to give wonderful relief. This relief is not immediate because here is a long rebuilding job--gradual relief can come, and full healing, if the program is followed faithfully: a cup two or three times a day (two tablets or capsules in Brigham tea or steam-distilled water). Use as a hot fomentation over extremely painful or crippled areas (in addition to this formula), formula No. 28 called bone, flesh and cartilage. Even though one uses these aids yet continues on with improper diet, one may get some help, but not so much as going all the way. Remember the teachings for years have been -- "No healing in this condition." We are giving you hope if you will follow through with these formulas and the mucusless diet. BF&C: Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage Formula
Ingredients - oak bark, marshmallow root, mullein herb, wormwood, lobelia, skullcap, comfrey root, walnut bark (or leaves) and gravel root.
Usage -
Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
BF&C is a powerhouse formula. It restores flesh, bones, and cartilage. It accelerates healing of broken bones, torn cartilage, curvature of the spine, polio, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, stroke, and osteoarthritis. You can take BF&C in capsules, syrup, tea (internally and externally as a BF&C Salve is an ointment using an olive oil and beeswax base. BF&C Capsules or tea may also be taken daily: either two or three capsules three times daily or three cups of the tea. 3. BF&C Fomentation: Soak the combined teas in distilled water (at the rate of one ounce of combined herbs to a pint of distilled water), then soaking four to six hours, simmer thirty minutes, strain and then simmer the liquid down to 1/2 its volume and add 1/4 vegetable glycerine (if desired). Example: One gallon of tea simmered (not boiled) down to two quarts and add one pint of glycerine. Soak flannel, cotton, or any white material other than synthetics--never use synthetics. Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the malfunctioning area and cover with plastic to keep it from drying out. Leave on all night six nights a week, week after week, until relief appears. BF&C Fomentation, method 2: apply herbs to convey heat, moisture, and medicinal aid in order to relieve pain, to reduce inflammation, and to relax affected areas. Soak a Turkish towel or gauze or similar material in hot tea, lightly wring (just enough that the liquid will not run off the body), and place as hot as possible without causing blistering. Generally keep the fomentation moist and warm by placing plastics, oilcloth, etc., over fomentation. Dosage: Wet enough that the moisture will not run off the body, cover entire malfunction area, keep damp and change periodically. Tea for Severe Cases: Drink 1/4 Cup of finished concentrated tea with 3/4 cup of distilled water three times in a day. Stiff Neck: The following explanation of our "bone, flesh, and cartilage" formula is the most complete program for this condition of a stiff neck. The fomentation as it penetrates into the area will relax the muscles and feed the nerves so the bone structure (vertebra) will adjust itself. At the same time it will build up the blood circulation to carry off waste materials as well as feed the painful area with herbal food to put it into a healthy state of self healing. Soak flannel, cotton, or any white material other than synthetics--never use synthetics. Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the malfunctioning area and cover with plastic to keep it from drying out. Leave on all night six nights a week, week after week, until relief appears. [HHH p.113] Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
The Mucusless Diet
The second step to healing the body (after cleanses) is to eliminate the mucus-forming foods from the diet, so as not to put mucus into the body faster than it can be taken out or eliminated. With this preventative procedure, not only are the sinuses, the bronchi, and the lungs cleared, but also the constipating mucus (catarrh) in the tissues of the body from the heart to the bottom of the feet.
Items to Eliminate:
‰ Sodium chloride (salt) other that with vegetable or potassium base. ‰ Cooked black pepper ‰ Eggs ‰ Sugar and all sugar products other than honey, sorghum molasses or blackstrap ‰ Meat, other than occasional fish or organic chicken. ‰ Flour and Flour Products
Items to Include in the diet:
‰ Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and immune boosters ‰ Cayenne - Take 1 teaspoonful of cayenne 3 times a day. Start gradually with 1/4 teaspoonful in a little cold water; drink this and follow with a glass of cold water. Add 1/4 teaspoonful to this dosage every 3 days, until you are taking 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day (the graduated dosages will accustom your system to the pungency of the herb). ‰ Honey and Apple-Cider Vinegar - Place 1 tablespoonful of honey and 1 tablespoonful of vinegar in warm water, so that the honey will liquefy. Sip this amount 3 times a day so that at the end of the day a total quantity of 3 tablespoonfuls are consumed. This must be apple cider vinegar; do not use malts or other types of vinegars, as these are damaging to the body. The apple cider vinegar is medicinal and very beneficial. ‰ Kelp - Eat 10 to 15 kelp tablets daily if there is any indication of a thyroid problem; otherwise, 2 or more will keep the body in good condition as preventative nutrition. This can take the place of salt and helps build a new thyroid gland. Kelp powder can be used on salads and in other ways. ‰ Molasses - Take 1 tablespoonful 3 times a day of either sorghum or blackstrap ‰ Wheat Germ Oil - Take 1 tablespoonful of a good, fresh wheat germ oil three
Dietary suggestions: Regenerative foods
If this diet is followed as outlined, we guarantee that after a short period of time you will have much more satisfaction from the foods we recommend for better health than you ever had from the food of your former diet. Remember, you do not have to count calories in this type of diet; just eat as instructed and you will come to your normal weight, with plenty of physical strength. Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
Do not be overly concerned because this diet omits meat and the commercial types of protein (as are so well advertised), and don't worry about adding protein, as you will get all that you need in these foods. The gorilla is built on the same order as the human being, and he gets all the protein he needs from just fruit and nuts (and for the human, the greens will round out the body requirement). Don't panic; just prove this program to
It is best not to "break-the-fast" (breakfast) until at least noon, except in cases of young or very active people. You will find that this will not be hard to do when using items that we recommend (such as wheat germ oil, cayenne, etc.). These will lower the appetite while providing the needed nutrition, so you will feel satisfied and will have taken these items even the second time during the morning before it is time to eat the regular noon If (after taking the lower bowel tonics, wheat germ oil, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, honey, molasses, herbal teas, etc.) you have room left, are hungry, and want something to eat, the best food to start the day is a good low-heated whole-grain cereal; however, this should be cereal in its wholesome state (with life in it), or eat fresh fruits. The cereal is prepared by first soaking the whole grain in water 20-30 hours, then heating in stainless steel double boiler at a very low heat (130 degrees or under--12 to 14 hours, brans etc. longer if needed), or it can be prepared in a thermos bottle via an infusion procedure alone, which is done as follows: take a thermos bottle (pint, quart or whatever size you need for your size family or individual); fill it in the early afternoon or evening one-third full of high-protein turkey red wheat or other grains or combinations; then finish filling the thermos bottle with water (turning the container on its top and back once or twice, so that during the evening the water circulates completely into the bottom, or else some wheat in the bottom will not be treated); and when you uncover the vessel in the morning (after low heating the grain all night long), it should be ready: the wheat popped open, soft and very tasty (as none of the flavor has been lost in cooking), and with a little oil or fresh butter and honey added, it is a very delectable food. Wheat contains all of the potential nutrients needed in the human body. The wheat herb of wheat grass is a complete food, as it provides you with protein, calcium, and all the needed enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc., to rebuild and regenerate the cell structure of The grain is alive until it is killed in some chemical storage procedure, or high heat. The test for germinate wheat (which is still in a "wholesome" state, having the life therein) is to plant it and see if it will grow. This test is also valid for testing cooked wheat, and when low-heated in stainless steel, it will retain the life power and will grow! Wheat and other foods prepared in this manner, are organic; consequently, this is the manner that grains must be prepared for use. We are told in holy writ that "all wholesome grains and herbs are for man," and "grain is the staff of life," but it does not say that it is permissible to grind wheat to a face powder Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
fineness or to heat it above 212 degrees F., and change the molecular structure from organic to inorganic, and thereby make it very mucus-forming. This is not what was intended, I am sure, as the results indicate otherwise. Always follow the above procedure for wheat, or sprout if you wish. If you prefer only a light lunch, then have a tossed salad of mixed vegetables and leafy greens as large as you want, using a homemade olive oil dressing: Make this dressing to your own taste, for there are so many varieties you can make; avocado, onion, garlic, etc., but do not use the processed dressings of the commercial market
Juices may be taken during the afternoon: carrot, grape, apple, etc. Dried fruits and nuts are very nourishing and beneficial, and the latter are better (as a whole protein) when used in combination with the garden greens. If a person has cancer or is inclined towards cancer, do not overdo eating protein (such as nuts). This is one thing that does damage to the pancreas and in these cases, eat nuts only in the morning. Stay away from peanuts and concentrate on almonds. A person with a cancerous condition should use from 8 to 10 almonds in the morning and the same at noon. But do not take any protein from evening time until the next morning, allowing 16 to 18 hours for the pancreas to clear and start to work on enzymes again. All protein should be taken early in the morning. In cancer cases never use any second-hand or secondary protein (such as meats).
Regular Meals:
Regular meals can start off with a cup or bowl of potassium broth. Dehydrated vegetables in the form of potassium powder or broth can be purchased from most health stores or you can prepare your own. There are some of your health books that provide instructions for making potassium broth. You can add the left-over, low-heated vegetables from the day before to the broth with a few savory herbs (and here you have one of the most exotic tasting low-heated vegetable soups that is imaginable). The broth starts the meal off, and is followed with a salad. There are thousands of salad combinations, and with some experimentation, you will never run short of interesting ones. After that, serve the low-heated vegetables (many types can be prepared with various savory herbs removed from the low-heat just before serving) At least five or six vegetables should be eaten each day, of which two should be green, leafy ones. A small amount of bland oil (such as olive oil) added to baked potato, baked squash, etc., is very good. You can explore and concoct some very interesting, intriguing meals with a little daring and imagination, and you will never need to worry if you eat until you are satisfied, and you will have all the nutrition that is needed for ample physical strength.
Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
This is generally the heavy meal of the day, but you can reverse this at will if you like, eating the heavy meal maybe at noon, then the light meal with a salad at night. If you prefer a warm meal, start off with a cup of vegetable broth (regular potassium broth). The broth should be followed with a salad, then with the main course of steamed vegetables that have been prepared at low-heat. Be sure to always cook in stainless steel, Pyrex, or some approved vessel, but never in aluminum. You may also have vegetable juices, or a baked potato or baked squash with some olive oil in place of butter. Juice or nuts, dried fruits or fresh fruits are all excellent. Whenever you use a fresh fruit, use it alone (a monodiet). When you want to eat some other type of fruit, wait for one- half hour or more at least before eating it; this will prove much easier on your digestive system. Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese
These two foods in homogenized combination, chased by champagne, are a biochemical miracle that eases arthritis, and can both prevent and cure diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. One reason flax oil fights arthritis is that it acts as an anti- inflammatory. The basic formula is: One (1) Tablespoon cold-pressed, unrefined flax oil per 100 pounds of body weight, homogenized into a cream with ¼ to ½ cup cottage cheese or yogurt and two tablespoons ground flax seed, and thinned with 1 to 2 ounces of low fat milk. You can use this basic cream as a base for salad dressings (such as by blending in dill, parsley, cilantro, and other herbs with salt and garlic to make a Green Goddess salad dressing) or as a base for sweet sauces (such as by blending with a couple tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of vanilla extract to use as a topping for a bowl of chopped nuts, chopped fruit). After consuming your daily portion of flax oil and cottage cheese or yogurt, drink 6 ounces of champagne. This is part of the formula, not a gimmick. Flax oil is loaded with essential fatty acids that clean the blood and improve the electrical properties of cells. It is the fastest-burning fat available and essential for those who want to lose weight. You can also add to your diet the product n the above concoctions, but frankly, I love the taste of flax oil and cottage cheese. To read more about flax oil's benefits and how it works, visit Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it is good for treating arthritis. You can make a tea by boiling a chunk in water, or you can grate it into soup, salad, or a sandwich. As with nearly all natural remedies, don't go lightly and don't expect instant results. Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of freshly ground ginger daily for 4 to 8 weeks. Cartilage and Chicken Soup
Make chicken broth by de-boning a chicken and then gently boiling its carcass in half a gallon of pure water till it falls apart and the bones nearly crumble. This will release all the cellulose from the joints and incorporate it into the broth. I season with 3 or 4 bay leaves, a couple stalks of celery, couple of carrots, big onion, and few cloves of garlic. I cook it 4 hours in a pressure cooker. Otherwise, you can boil it 8 hours, and keep the bones covered with water. Strain out all the cooked bones and vegetables, and discard them. Season the broth to taste. I usually add black pepper and sea salt, and sometimes a little cumin, fresh sage, You can refrigerate it to turn it into a solid gelatinous mass, and then cut the gelatin into cubes and serve it in a cold salad or just eat it by spoonfuls. You can also reheat it and serve it as a hot broth with a little chopped parsley thrown in. You can make a robust chicken soup with the gelatin by tossing in some fresh vegetables (carrot, celery, onion, parsnip, turnip, potato) for 15 minutes (till fork-tender), and the balance of the de-boned chicken, cubed for the last 5 minutes. It does not take long to cook the chicken, and it should be just barely done when you take the pot off the heat. If you overcook the chicken, it just gets tough. Greeks are fond of seasoning chicken soup by squeezing a couple of lemons into the broth while it is cooking. You can even marinate the chicken cubes in lemon or lime juice before cooking. The key here is that chicken soup is wonderful for rebuilding or strengthening cartilage in your joints, not to mention its other healthful qualities and good taste. You should have some gelatin or chicken soup every day. You can also make a gelatin by boiling beef or pork bones (with joints) for 8 to 12 hours till all the cartilage and marrow are removed from the bones and the bones get soft. If all this is too much for you, buy commercial gelatin like Knox and take it daily. Calcium and Magnesium
Magnesium is a necessary companion to Calcium's metabolism process. Magnesium soothes the muscles, and calcium calms the nerves. These two electrolytes are vital to your health, and you must get them in sufficient quantity and quality for them to do you any good. That means you cannot merely eat calcium-rich rocks like oyster shell tablets to get calcium absorbed. You must take calcium and magnesium in a balanced dose, Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
and in an ascorbate form in order for your body to utilize them. If they are not ascorbates, you must take them with an acid like cider vinegar. Leeching and Depositing
The body will automatically leech calcium from the bones, causing osteoporosis, if your body is deficient in calcium. The leeching occurs because the body needs the calcium for other metabolism processes, including nourishing nerve cells. If you take calcium in a form that cannot be absorbed or metabolized, it will collect on the tendon and bone About CalMag
formula is: combine in a glass ½ teaspoon Magnesium Carbonate, 1 tablespoon Calcium Gluconate, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (5% acid), and 1 cup boiling water. Stir in 1 tablespoon honey. The acidic vinegar makes the calcium and magnesium absorbable. Cider vinegar and honey are also rich in the electrolyte potassium that is essential for regulating the heart and balancing water retention. Honey and vinegar alone can eliminate migraine headaches. The CalMag formula produces a live-easing tonic, and everyone needs it. It makes the body more alkaline and therefore more immune to disease and illness. Thyroid &Parathyroid
These two glands produce hormones to regulate blood calcium, cellular oxygen, and iodine, affecting bone density, metabolism, muscles, nerves, and growth. The two thyroid gland produces several "thyroid" and calcitonin hormones. The four parathyroid glands produce the parathyroid hormone. The glands are in the base of the front of the Parathyroid regulates blood calcium and is vital for good bone health and pain-free joints. Thyroid regulates body metabolism, and is not a factor in calcium regulation. Calcitonin aids in calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Primarily, calcitonin prevents reabsorption of calcium from bones and by kidney tubules, thereby allowing excess calcium to be eliminated in urine. An elevated calcium level in the blood causes increase in calcitonin secretion. Parathyroid maintains the delicate balance of calcium (between 8.5 and 10.5 ppm) in the blood so nervous and muscular systems function properly, and so bones are properly dense and strong. Parathyroid glands sense calcium in the blood. If the level is high, they decrease the parathyroid level, which thereby acts in other parts of the body to decrease calcium; if low they increase the parathyroid level and cause an increase in calcium. An increase in parathyroid also causes the intestine lining to be more efficient in absorbing calcium from the diet. Over-production of parathyroid increases blood calcium in the following manner: under the presence of excessively high levels of parathyroid in the blood that circulates in bones, the bones give up their calcium to the bloodstream. Furthermore, over- production of thyroid blocks production of thyroid stimulating hormone from the pituitary gland, and that increases the number of bone-reabsorbing osteoclasts, Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
resulting in osteoporosis. Bones weaken, becoming painful and brittle (osteoporosis or osteopenia). Excessif parathyroid can also cause the stomach and pancreas linings to become inflamed and painful, and it can form kidney stones or cause kidneys to become calcified and fail altogether. The opposite condition, under-production of parathyroid, can cause calcium to collect on joints and tendons. Low levels of thyroid and parathyroid can cause arthritis, joint pain, and fatigue; excesses can cause osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, and inflamed pancreas. Get a blood test and make sure the hormones are balanced, and take supplements as necessary to balance them. Note that growth hormones, androgens, and insulin improve bone growth, and chromium and vanadium supplements are essential to proper insulin production, particularly in people who are overweight. Vitamin D
You must have sufficient vitamin D in your diet to allow your body to absorb calcium and magnesium properly. Sunshine irradiation onto your skin produces vitamin D. You need 15 minutes to half an hour of sunshine daily over your body. You also need to take vitamin D supplements, quadruple the Minimum Daily Requirement. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is nutritional sulfur. Without sulfur the body cannot make protein, insulin, amino acids, enzymes, connective tissue, collagen, bones, skin, hair, or nails, and it basically falls apart. MSM is a highly bio-available source of sulfur with anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties. MSM relieves many chronic joint problems including pain. It also keeps skin and connective tissue healthy. Take one teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of MSM powder in any form every 12 hours with 1 teaspoon of buffered vitamin C, and any zinc supplement. MSM is the most powerful nutritional remedy for arthritis and joint pain known to man. The side effects of MSM are healthier, faster-growing hair and nails, and it builds collagen, a fibrous protein and building block of skin, tendon, cartilage, bone, and other connective tissue. Thus, it helps to reduce wrinkles and improve joint condition. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that reduces aging. You can get it at 866-228- 3679). I suggest you get it by the pound because it is cheaper that way and you will be taking it for the rest of your lives when you realize its wonderful benefits. You will Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate
This pair of compounds occurs naturally in the joints. It alleviates joint pain, but it is not as fast-acting as MSM. As supplements, glucosamine is made from crab or lobster shells, and chondroitin from cow trachea cartilage. Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
Glucosamine stimulates cells that make maintaining cartilage, skin, connective tissue, hair, nails, and bones. Chondroitin sulfate is a key building block for cartilage and it blocks enzymes that break down old cartilage. Both are potent anti-inflammatories that allow your body to repair damage and build synovial fluid that keeps joints lubricated. You will notice benefits from this supplement combination within 8 weeks. Do not scrimp. Take at least a heaping teaspoon a day: a teaspoon (4 grams) in the morning and half a teaspoon (2 grams) at bedtime. Daily nutritional supplements should include copper (and you can wear copper bracelets or drink pure water that has sat overnight in a copper vessel). Copper is critical for repairing and maintaining connective tissue and joints, and without adequate supplies of copper the body cannot make crucial antioxidant enzymes protecting against damage and inflammation. Copper Sebacate is a highly absorbable and bio-available L-Lysine
L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that helps the body build collagen (new tissue), absorb and conserve calcium, and regulate nitrogen. It helps prevent osteoporosis, herpes infections (in the absence of arginine), artheriosclerosis, and hair loss. It helps heal burns, build muscle mass, and strengthen joints and tendons. The body does not produce it, so you must ingest it through diet or supplement. Good food sources are beans, dairy products, and (not recommended for arthritis victims) eggs and animal flesh. You need 1 to 3 grams a day, taken on an empty stomach. Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO)
CMO treats both the symptoms and causes of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It reprograms the immune system and it lubricates the joints. The result for most users is a dramatic reduction in joint damage and pain. CMO has also been reported to improve a variety of autoimmune disorders, including fibromyalgia, lupus, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, and Sjogren's syndrome. CardioPeptase
Widely used in Europe and Asia, CardioPeptase is a sensible and natural alternative to NSAIDs like salicylates (aspirin), ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin), acetaminophen (Tylenol), and COX-2 inhibitors (CelebreXTM). CardioPeptase reduces or eliminates chronic inflammation and pain, cleans out deposits in the circulatory system, breaks down fibrous blockages in the heart, digests dead tissue and blood clots, clears mucous from the sinuses and lungs, and relieves migraines. Low-Dose Antibiotics
Antibiotic therapy is based on the theory that inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis are caused by slow-growing infectious bacteria such as mycoplasma and other L forms. The use of low dose antibiotics, particularly from the Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
tetracycline or macrolide families, attack the disease process at its source, namely the infectious agent. Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D. (1906-1989) pioneered the treatment. Toxic root canal teeth and Lyme disease (caused by a spirochete) are two of the most commonly overlooked problems which can lead to treatment failure because they each require separate treatment programs. Typically, patients with severe and/or long-standing disease are started with a series of daily intravenous clindamycin for five to seven days. The first two days, 300 mg. of clindamycin would be administered in 250 cc 0.9% saline dripped over a 50 to 60 minute period. (D5W is not used because of the yeast overgrowth found in a large percentage of these patients.) The third and fourth day 600 mg. is given, the fifth and subsequent days 900 mg. Some physicians build up to 1200 mg. After the initial daily intravenous series, IVs may be administered once weekly, once every other week or as the physician determines for the individual patient. The IVs are continued until all lab figures return to normal, which can often take longer than a year, sometimes several years for patients with severe and/or long-standing disease. Lab results should then be monitored for several months longer, to be sure that the patient remains stable, before discontinuing the IVs. Various modifications to the late Dr. Brown's original antibiotic protocol regarding the use of IV clindamycin have been made by some physicians currently treating rheumatoid patients today. Some physicians have reported success using clindamycin orally, or in intramuscular injections. Orally, the single dose is 1200 mg. once a week. For intramuscular injections, 300 mg to 600 mg. once a week. For sensitive patients, a local anesthetic may be applied to the injection site. However, simply changing the needle tip, after drawing the medication into the syringe and before injecting it, will avoid the problem of tissue irritation at the injection site, because it is the trace amount of medication on the tip of the needle that causes the tissue irritation. [A. Robert Franco, M.D., a rheumatologist in Riverside, California who has years of experience in using this therapy, often prescribes a seven day series of IV clindamycin every five weeks for four cycles and then reassesses the patient's needs. In some of his patients. Dr. Franco has substituted oral Zithromax (azithromycin) 250 mg. twice daily for two days each week (Tues. & Thurs.) in combination with oral Minocin (Mon., Wed., & Fri.).] When the initial course of IVs is completed, patients begin oral therapy - minocycline (Minocin) or doxycycline (Vibramycin/Doryx) 100 mg. once or twice daily, or tetracycline 250 mg. to 500 mg. twice daily Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This intermittent therapy (also referred to as pulsing) is effective for most patients. More is not necessarily better; however, in some cases, five or even seven-day a week doses may be necessary for a limited time. The use of higher doses tends to make it more difficult to keep the intestinal tract in balance. Patients with mild to moderate disease are started with this same oral therapy, but often without the initial week-long series of IV clindamycin at the beginning. Erythromycin can be substituted for those patients sensitive to the tetracyclines. Tetracycline is more apt to react with food and must be taken on an empty stomach. Some patients may need to take doxycycline with food, especially at first until their body gets used to it, although doxycycline is better absorbed apart from meals. Taking 3 or 4 Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
ounces of a pharmaceutical grade aloe vera liquid shortly after taking the antibiotic has been found beneficial for those with sensitive stomachs. Reliable brands of aloe vera: • Capsules (organic) - Allied Pharmacy, Arlington, TTX - 1-800-428-6331 None of the antibiotics in the tetracycline family (tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline) should be taken at the same time with calcium supplements, including dairy products, or with any other minerals such as magnesium, iron, etc. which have the same chemical valance as calcium. Ask your pharmacist for advice here because it is known that other minerals can also have similar inhibiting effects as calcium does on the absorption out of the GI tract of all antibiotics in the tetracycline family. Caution: Be sure to drink a full glass of water and to remain sitting upright for at least 30-45 minutes whenever taking any antibiotic in the tetracycline family in order to prevent esophageal injury. For this reason, do not take this medication immediately before going to bed at night, but remain sitting up long enough to be sure the pill reaches the stomach and does not remain stuck in the esophagus, where it might dissolve and cause painful esophageal burning and scarring. Some reported sensitivities to the tetracycline drugs may be caused by the drug being introduced too rapidly and at too high a dose. A slow start, 50 mg. Monday and Friday then gradually building up to the standard dose (100 mg. once or twice Monday, Wednesday and Friday), can often avoid this allergic reaction. The antibiotics can cause yeast infections, as do NSAIDS, steroids, methotrexate and the other drugs prescribed for these diseases. These drugs kill off the necessary good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Before starting this therapy, patients should be tested for candida immune-complexes, and if found, appropriate treatment should be prescribed. Conventional therapy would include anti-fungals such as Nystatin or Diflucan. Natural therapies would include diet, olive leaf extract along with slippery elm, L glutamine, and grapefruit seed extract. [See Section 13 for list of laboratories testing for candida immune-complexes.] Reliable brands of olive leaf extract would include: Seagate Products - - 1-888-505-4283 East Park Research - (distributor) - 1-800-544-4440 It is extremely important that patients take a good probiotic while on this therapy in sufficient quantity to replace the good bacteria destroyed by these drugs. Effective products include: Flora Source - 1-800-780-1198 Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus - NEEDS - 1-800-634-1380 Culturelle by Klaire - Grainfields ( or ) Arthritis - Prevention and Cure
Relieving Emotional and Physical Stress
This includes physical stress (injuries, obesity, overdoing physical exercise, or lack of regular meaningful exercise), and emotional stress (such as being chased by the law or harassed by someone). The quickest way to get sick and develop aches and pains is to live under suppression, a kind of emotional stress where you feel as though you are being squashed or crushed, and if you fight back, you get crushed even more. Identify and get away from such conditions NOW, and stay away. If you can't or won't, and haven't the will to do anything about it, then try to enjoy your suffering. If you are obese, you MUST lose weight - try the South Beach Diet as it's very popular and is producing results. If you are sedentary, you MUST exercise regularly by walking, swimming, or having crazy, hot sex, but do not put undue stress on the aching joints. Exercise releases endorphins which increase one's sense of well-being and reduce pain. To relieve physical stress, stay warm, and keep the aching joints warm, even if you use a heating pad or blanket for the purpose. Massage gently into the joints a mixture of warm coconut, mustard, and camphor oils, with cayenne extract. Do not wear tight bandages on arthritic joints, for that will impede circulation and hurt them worse. Do not massage arthritic joints vigorously. Take a hot bath daily into which you completely submerge yourself (except for nose) and put half a cup or more of sea salt or Dead Sea minerals into the bath. Stay in the bath no longer than 20 minutes. Do not allow yourself to get constipated, ever, as that increases body toxicity and joint pain. Conclusion
I have spent a lot of time and energy over the past 10 years researching Arthritis and
what to do about it. I appreciate having the opportunity to share the above summary of what I have learned with you. Allopathic Medicine
You will note that no pharmaceutical drugs or surgery are recommended in this paper. That's because I think they are not necessary, and the side effects and cost can be almost as horrifying as the arthritis itself. Even the National Institute of Health web site says nothing about employing nutrition in treating arthritis. I have concluded that the allopathic medical professionals are normally familiar with and concerned about only their main disciplines of surgery and pharmaceuticals in treating disease. And therefore, I think those professionals are shortchanging people who suffer from Your Feedback Requested
If, in your search for relief from arthritis, you find other information you think should be added to this paper, please contact me. I encourage you to share the above info with others who might need it. And, if you find the information herein to be useful, let me know by sending me a "success story". Arthritis - Prevention and Cure



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