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HR recruitment in European
Education and Training
November 2008
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Competence-based training
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regulations increase
HR recruitment in
Occupation with a new
European countries
concept: production technolo-
In future, the combined effects ofglobalisation and demographic devel-
Improved vocational
guidance for pupils
OECD Germany and Switzerland are thecountries facing the sharpest drop infuture generations of school pupils(BMBF/KMK 2006; Avenir Suisse 2006).
That is why competition there could beparticularly stiff.
n BIBBnews gencescanbeobserved. tioninwhichmovesbyemployeesbe- Year 9, Issue 4/2008 November 2008Published by Federal Institute for Vocational Education growth in exchanges between countries.
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Research questions
based training regulations for regulatory e whosubscribedtotheemailformat answerthefollowingquestions: ationalising occupational competence.
level of vocational training graduatesdiffer in the countries compared? basis of selected training regulations.
a cross-country grid within which differ- ent certificates and qualifications can be of performance in the field of education.
project also pursues a political goal. It Competence-based
training regulations
increase transparency
facilitate not only worker but also train- the importance of scientific findings for tion sectors, too. This will make possible goal of the project is to refine selected +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Occupation with a new the term production technology and are
concept: production
tes from dual education and training.
• the most suitable technological appli- Why this new occupation?
pressure. Product diversity is on the in- The main components of this oc-
training, affects all levels of the quality HR competence and social skills inthe competence model, training re- Job description of the production technologist: gulations will be oriented in future to-wards learning outcome.
Training profile
Designation of occupation
Duration of traineeship
3 yearsThe location for training is the company and the professional training school (Berufsschule).
Professional qualifications
Production technologistsPut production plants into operation, set them up and prepare for the start of the production run, Start new processes, conduct series of tests and document them, set up production plants, calculate process parameters and ensure that the plants are ready for production, Programme and parameterise production plants, including machine tools, test facilities and industrial robots or other handling systems, and conduct maintenance work, Organise logistical processes for products, tools, process media and residual materials, Simulate processes, and produce and test samples and prototypes, Operate production plants, monitor process sequences, conduct tests in support of processes and Recognise potential for improvement in process sequences, Determine and document process and quality deviations, take measures to rectify them and for this purpose, conduct systematic error analyses, Evaluate and analyse production plants with regard to the realisation of production orders,Use standard software, production and quality assurance software, Use norms, specifications and regulations for securing the ability to process of production plants, Maintain data on production planning and control, ensure that information is exchanged bet- ween the production division and other operational divisions, and coordinate with them.
Field of activity
Production technologists work in development sectors, pilot sectors and serial production lines, in application and support sectors of the production industry and in production supporting service companies.
They work with product developers and constructors, process developers, suppliers, manufacturers and clients, as well as together with colleagues in the production team.
standing of competence in the regula-tory framework in order to establishconnectivity to the EQF and GQF.
Figure: Initial and continuing training profile Production technology
Contacts: Barbara Lorig - Daniel Schreiber - Dr. Kathrin Hensge - +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
s Thisrequiresanewtypeofskilledwor-
w Thereisaparticularneedforajobpro- Germanphenomenon-thewidespread tainsandregularlyupdatestheportal.
ufacturers in various sectors, production n sentedbytheAssociationofGerman that many school leavers already en- The offerings of the federal states serve for an apprenticeship. Difficulties at the ground but also other young peoplewith social, mental or physical problems Initial and continuing vocational
Improved vocational
- often face insurmountable obstacles.
training all of a piece
BIBB's Internet portal www.laender- guidance for pupils is one of the offerings for this New BIBB support programme
tional training or an occupation. This na- example for other European countries.
The overall offering
vocational training centres which facili- company in which the employee works.
by institution (learning venue access), portunity to gain practical experience in This proof can also be acquired by later- by country (geographical access).
al entrants who carry out these tasks. It is the prerequisite for continuing training trainer the young people test their skills and inclinations for practical work in up At the present time the portal containsinformation on236 publicly financed, generally fixed- tions. At the end of the vocational guid- assistance for young people. In this con- out-of-school youth support pro- ( +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++



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