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I t is a topically applied DHT inhibitor that contains many s cientifically backed ingr edients for inhibiting DHT . A typical value pak comes with three s mall S calp T herapy bottles and a s ingle S hampoo bottle. T he S calp T herapy contains the active ingredients , while the S hampoo, according to our us ers , does a good j ob of T he makers s et out to create a s olution that contains as many known DHT inhibiting chemicals as pos s ibleinto one s olution. S ince no s ignificant amount is abs orbed into the bloods tream, there are no s ide effects , as I t is safe for us e in both Men and Women, who are experiencing hair los s due to hormonal related is s ues . I t is effective for halting the proces s of Male Pattern Baldnes s , and for women who have been diagnos ed with s ome form of Androgenetic Alopecia. I t is firs t and foremos t a DHT inhibiting product, which means DHT mus t be the caus e of your hair los s in order for this product to be mos t effective. Mos t men fit into this category, and s ome women do as well.
However, due to the fact that it does contain growth-s timulating ingredients , it may be effective for all forms of hair los s in s ome fas hion. You may wis h to us e a s tronger growth s timulant along with it, s uch as Minoxidil T his product is a topical DHT inhibitor, s o in men, it is primarily us ed for the s ame purpos e that Propecia is us ed. I f you us e this product, pleas e s et your expectations accordingly. T his treatment als o has s ome growth s timulating properties , however it is s ugges ted you us e Minoxidil or T ricomin in combination with it, if this is T he ingredients us ed in the S calp T herapy formula have been proven to inhibit the 5AR enzyme that is res pons ible for the formation of DHT .
While Propecia is only able to inhibit type I I s erum 5AR levels by 70% , the ingredients in S calp T herapy Formula are able to inhibit both types can equally inhibit both type I and I I 5AR up to 98% .
Additionally it has another active ingredient, which has been proven to prevent DHT attachment to its receptors on the follicle, providing additional protection. T his method of action is what is res pons ible for itsability to as s is t in maintaining your hair over long periods of time.
When a man begins to los e his hair, certain genetically programmed follicles begin to develop DHT receptor s ites . T he DHT attaches its elf to thes e receptor s ites and begins to treat the follicle as a foreign obj ect in the body. T his chemical change not only affects hair. I t can als o caus e itching, inflammation, and oilines s .
During this time, the follicle, under the attack of DHT , begins to miniaturize with every growth cycle, until after s everal years , it s imply is too s mall and s hort to be s een.
When the S calp T herapy is us ed, both the formation of DHT and the ability for DHT to attach to receptor s ites in the follicle are inhibited. Within a few months , the overall DHT levels will have remained low enough on a cons tant bas is that the advers e effects it was having on the follicles will s top, res ulting in a ces s ation of T he active ingredients of Revivogen are natural compounds proven to be potent inhibitors of 5-Alpha- Reductas e, the enzyme that produces DHT . T hes e active ingredients include Procyanidin Oligomers , Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA), Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA), Linoleic Acid, Azelaic acid, Vitamin B6, Z inc, and S aw Palmetto Extract. New res earch has shown that GLA, ALA, Linoleic Acid and Azelaic Acid are the mos t powerful inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductas e, the enzyme that produces DHT . T his is the only product that contains GLA, ALA, and Azelaic Acid in one eas y to us e topical formula. I n addition, the combination of thes e powerful ingredients with Linoleic Acid, Vitamin B6, Z inc S ulfate and S aw Palmetto Extract has res ulted in the mos t potent natural anti-DHT formula available today.
T he S calp T herapy is a topical formula and mus t be applied at leas t once a day to the affected area of the s calp and the s urrounding areas . You mus t avoid washing your hair for at leas t three hours s o the active ingredients can effectively get abs orbed into your s calp. I t can be applied at any time during the day but mos t people prefer to us e it at night before going to bed.
I t is important that you s et your expectations accordingly with this product. Our cons umer trials s howed that mos t people who us ed it for 6 months or longer s aw the greates t res ults . T his is not s urpris ing s ince this is primarily a DHT inhibitor like Propecia, and though Propecia is the mos t s ucces s ful, proven treatment on the market - it s till takes upwards of a year to begin working. Hair los s does not happen quickly, and revers ing ittakes time as well.


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