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Putty Resin

SYNOLAC 6529 is a medium viscosity, highly reactive pre-promoted flexible polyester resin
especially designed for automotive and wood filler putties.

These values are listed for a reference guide only. Particular batches may not conform exactly to
the numbers listed because storage conditions, temperature changes, age, testing equipment
(type and procedure) can each have a significant effect on the results. Resin with properties
outside of these readings can perform acceptably. However final suitability of this product is in the
end use performance.

3 Using 4% Benzoyl Peroxide Paste ( 50%)
Method Of Test : The test methods are as prescribed in ISO 75, 178 and 527.

SYNOLAC 6529 is recommended in putty formulations for automotive refinish as well as for wood
filler putty for furniture industries.


Uncatalysed, standard cure polyester products have a usage life of three months from date of
manufacture when stored at 23°C or below in a closed, factory sealed, opaque container and out
of direct sunlight. The usage life is cut in half for every 12°C over 23°C.
Containers : Standard 225 Kgs. steel closed head drums or 35 Kgs. carbuoys.
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General guidelines for making a putty
A putty typically contains 30% resin and rest 70% a mixture of pigments, extenders and additives.
The quality of a putty, particularly with respect to sandeability and adhesion, will be governed by
the proper choice of extenders used. Talc is the most commonly used extender. Talc alone is
however, not used alone, since it is a soft material. It is used in combination with other crystalline,
hard extenders like calcium carbonate, barites etc
A general purpose putty shall typically have a ratio of talc/ other extenders -60/40 by weight, and
average particle size of all the fillers is 50 micron. Dispersion as in paints is not recommended
because of the possibility of serious fire hazard. Mixing the fillers using high speed disperser at
low speed is commonly used method. Care needs to be taken to avoid mixer temperature to rise
more than 5 degree above room temperature.

The putty also contains other additives like styrene monomer, pigments like TiO2, inorganic dyes
like chrome green, and thixotropes like fumed silica. Wax is not recommended as an additive
since it affects sanding properties.
The putty should be always packed in tins that are tightly closed and stored away from direct sun-
light; preferably in cool place.

Typical formulation:
Resin 6529 - 31.78 gm
TiO2 - 2.00 gm
Talc(20 micron)
Calcite/ Barites(5 micron- 30.00 gm Fumed silica Cobalt (6%) - 0.15 gm
Soyalecithine - 1.16gm
BYK 555 - 0.13gm
Inhibitor* - 0.28gm
TOtal 100.0 gm
1. Preferably inhibitor is Toluene- HydroQuinone (THQ) ; THQ should be added in the form of solution. Always make 20% solution of THQ in ethyl acetate. 2. Slight increase in Gel Time will be adjusted by adding Tertiary Amine. CRAY VALLEY RESINS INDIA LTD.
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