Full Service Business Planning and Implementation to
Reach Boomers and Older Adults
 Assisted living, congregate care, and independent living  Wellness Spas, Integrated Medical Clinics and Medi-Spas  Fitness, Health, Lifelong Learning Programs Generation Bold
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Introduction to the art and science of "lensing"
Generation bold has mastered the art and science of "lensing," with regard to the vast boomer and
older adult markets.
Boomers, born 1946 through 1964, comprise 78 million U.S. citizens, 1 billion people worldwide. Older adults, less demographically defined, are those from approximately age 70 through 100 and above.
Both of these groups have distinctive needs, both physical and psychological, and distinctive paradigms As caregivers to older parents, the boomer market often influences the older adult market. Your company's end-user may not be your purchaser, as the caregiver/adult child may be purchasing for an older relative. Conversely, your company's purchaser may not be the decision-maker, as the older adult may pay for their own residence, products or services, but looks to the boomer influencer to make a decision with regard to their lifestyle choices.
Especially with regard to choice of assisted residence, the boomer is highly influential in the decision. In the case of mental incapacity, a family member may be the sole and legal decision maker. It is imperative that their view of your residence, as well as that of the older adult be fully understood by management, staff, designers and those that create programs.
What is lensing?
Generation Bold has created a unique process which we call "lensing", looking at all aspects of a product service, program and especially a design project such as a hotel, assisted living, residential facility, hospital, spa or restaurant through the lens of the older adult and boomer.
We have joined with the finest architects, designers, graphic artists, web builders, copywriters , construction companies, web portals, and advertising specialists to implement every aspect of your Whether you are building an assisted living facility, renovating an existing facility, or converting a resort facility, spa or seasonal share program to accommodate older adults, we have the strong core ability to:  Create your concept: Feasibility study, market research, and business development  Design and develop your facility, including overseeing adult and universal interior and exterior  Create age friendly life-long learning and sports and fitness programs, cultural and educational  Consult on product design and the resources/products you choose for your health, residential or  Build, implement and manage strategic alliances, including governmental and non profit  Design and implement full marketing and promotional campaigns  Train staff in age-friendly customer care and hospitality guest services  Advise on pricing and offers that compel boomers and older adults to take action  Review product design (furniture, lighting, beauty products, packaging) What might your company gain from "lensing"?
If boomers or older adults are your markets, lensing is a critical part of your bottom-line success.
Imagine understanding every aspect of your business, facility, product, or service through the eyes of What differences in design, marketing and concept might you make if you could truly walk in the shoes of your residents, clients, or purchasers and intimately understand their decision-making process? What greater market share might you gain if you acted with utmost confidence in your knowledge of the What capital investments would you embrace if you could foresee the trends that will affect your How shal we work together?
We work with:
Health and Wel ness Facilities
Senior Housing
Tourism and Hospitality
Assisted Living
New Builds and Renovation
Additions of Older Adult Facilities to Existing Resorts or Hotels
Older Adult Housing Within a Planned Housing Development
Every one of our working relationships begins with a free consultation, so that we can precisely understand the nature of your needs, the details of the market you wish to reach, the resources you already have, your depth of understanding of the boomer and older adult markets, and the companies From this we can determine, together, whether our relationship will be one of: Snapshot lensing-Studying, auditing, reviewing and reporting on your product, program, service, facility
to be sure that it is designed, marketed and operated in a way consistent with the best practices in achieving and retaining the loyalty of boomers and older adults. Snapshots might take no more than half a day, to a full day and include on-site visits to facilities, product testing, attention to color, packaging, photo images, logo, branding, marketing and advertising copy that relate to the subject of the lensing Lensing consulting-Working closely with your company's professionals, staff, and outside resources on
an ongoing basis (whether pre-launch, launch, mature business phase, succession planning, going public, merger, or company sale) to be sure that every aspect of your facility, product, service, or program reaches and pleases the boomer and/or older adult markets -from feasibility study to the ultimate marketing and sale or lease of your residential units, products, services and programs.
Chief Lensing Consultant-Working as part of your company, integrated into the organizational and
internal communications processes, creative flow, goals and mission setting of the company, so that we act as your Chief Lensing Officer, attending internal meetings, selecting vendors, architects, builders, financing organizations and opening new domestic and global markets as part of your total team.
Detailed deliverables for the assisted living, continuing care, health care, spa and hospitality projects:
Pre-Feasibility Studies
At this early stage our "lensing analysis" is a thorough market analysis. We look at the site, location,
competition, proximity to health care facilities and life style activities. We analyze the demographics
both local and in other countries that might be magnets for your marketing efforts (such as U.S
citizens retiring in Mexico), and identify the profile of the resident or guest you wil likely attract. We
look also at the infrastructure of your organization and determine whether you might need other
personnel. For existing facilities we look at your strengths, and needs to see what the facility already
offers or requires that meet the demographic profile.
Whether in the U.S., Europe or Mexico, we work within the government's framework to determine
the likely success of your project being approved when health care or other services require
government licensing, permits, or certifications.
We provide a report with the hard data and the creative slant you need to make your decision to go
on to a ful blown feasibility study and or business plan.
Conceptualization and Re-imagining
Before you make a substantial investment in real estate, renovation, conversion or construction call on us to create a feasibility study and/or a site location analysis to be sure that the sites of your development will draw the traffic needed to support the desired marketing payday. We look at competition, the indigenous population, the demographics of those who might be interested in moving to the location, and the local resources for building, constructing, and operating.
For existing facilities, we re-imagine the development to arrive at various models: The Eden approach--Open, sustainable and green
The hospitality model--Hotel atmosphere with guest centered service and wel ness spa living
The healthcare model--For those with greater disability
The wel ness center model--For those active seniors with longevity and prevention in mind
For facilities that are already seasonal shares or timeshare communities, or are considering this model, we explore the feasibility and concept behind such styles of ownership or assisted living and part-time For existing congregate care facilities, we conceptualize permanent re-imaging and suggest exciting interior and exterior design changes to enhance the salability or "leaseability" of congregate units.
We work closely with owners and developers to conceptualize programs in education and fitness. We work with groups such as Masterpiece Living, Aegis, lifelong learning institutes; for-profit and not-for- profit educational co-partners that help us benchmark the marketing results we seek in offering unique life style programs geared to older adults.
Legal and Financial Consulting
We work with your legal and financial team to be sure that any government licensing, building permits, financial documents are in keeping with the ultimate goals of the project.
We work with your legal and financial team in seeking capital, loan financing and successful pricing models. We create the business revenue flowchart, often necessary for obtaining such capitalization or making the ultimate decision with regard to going ahead with the project Core Concept and Brand Messaging
At a very early stage, we begin building the website, copywriting, and creating collateral materials. We find that these exercises, started early in the process help our client formulate their thinking and concisely express the message they want to convey to our market. These become the core concepts of Design Brief
In the words of our affiliate, Under A Tree,, who establish the design,
"The Design Brief outlines the look, feel and distinguishing characteristics of the health and wellness destination location, based on the parameters established within the Concept and Philosophy Brief. The document determines the key points of differentiation that are essential in this highly competitive industry and provides detailed information about room types, functionality and adjacencies, operational flow, material suggestions, square footage recommendations, signature design features and ambience as well as other relevant details such as light, sound and MEP . Design Brief Presentation to design team and owner's representatives . Preliminary Equipment Specifications and data sheets, for use in schematic Design Resources
Specialized design resources are necessary for assisted living communities, older adult residences and continuing care facilities. We create the strategic alliances for the owner and developer with specialized vendors, products, services designers, builders, exterior landscapers that are highly trained in the arena of adult living and healthcare. From the end user "look" like carpeting and furniture, to exterior ramps and raised landscapes, we are a prime resource for everyone on your team, including food service providers and sports facility and equipment purchases.
Building and Development
We work with you from the beginning to the final ribbon-cutting of any building project. This includes working with engineers, builders, architects, landscapers and involves on-site meetings, special training for those of your team not familiar with the practical requirements of the older adult market. The end result is not only a beautiful and practical facility, but also one that provides the water and air quality that will attract the end user. This is particularly important in tropical climates and frigid climates, as older adults name weather and temperature as a number one draw when determining relocation.
Signature Lifestyles
At the end of the day, assisted living, continuing care communities, and adult residences are a home for the people that live there. We help the owners and developers think through food shopping and deliveries, transportation issues, large-scale sports equipment and gymnasium requirements, swimming pool safety and fitness, lifelong learning programs, travel clubs, digital health programs and equipment, and connective technologies such as video conferencing and other technologies i.e., digital safety, monitors and sensors, tracking and GPS personal systems.
Integrative Health
We work closely with the health professionals associated with your project to be sure that they are
aware of state-of-the-art offerings and trends, including wellness spa, medical spa, and
preventative/complimentary health. We look at the desirability of these as a marketing tool, but
also projected utilization rate to be sure that investments in these types of services yield a positive

Staff Recruitment and Training
We help recruit, train, and support the staff necessary for your programs, from integrative health, to personal health aides, to skilled and unskilled health staff, and administrative staff.
 We are a full-service marketing, branding, and strategic alliance company uniquely suited to fill your facility or residential development. We create your marketing plan, design your website,and collateral materials, join forces with appropriate strategic allies to co-promote, andrepresent you at the correct consumer and industry conferences and more.
We help you select your operating staff and management, on both the business and medical side, or supplement your staff with our chosen and trained personnel and permanent or temporary operation Leadership building and Ongoing Support
At your request, we will continue to audit and monitor staff, operations, and educate you with the latest trends in your field. We will also mentor you in taking leadership through advocacy roles, coalition building with government, public-private partnerships, tourism boards, economic development groups so that you and your communities are at top-of-mind when professionals and consumers consider adult About Generation Bold
Adriane Berg CEO
Adriane Berg is an innovator in helping venues and facilities reach the vast boomer
and older adult markets. She is a recognized thought leader in adult, universal and
inclusive design, and a New York Times Age Beat Fellow. She is a consultant to the HealthCare Design Exchange and Hotel Design Forums, dedicated to insuring that every travel, tourism, health facility and spa experience is rich and rewarding for the boomer and older adult traveler/guest, whom she calls "the ageless traveler." Adriane is a consultant to numerous hospitals, assisted living communities, CCRCs, buying services and housing developers. Additionally she is an original founder of the National Academy of Elder Law
Attorneys. She is currently the National Spokesperson for VTech Careline telephones.
Adriane is founder of reporting on design and other areas of key importance to
the healthcare, hospitality, construction, technology and successful aging markets. She is presenter at AMAR, the American Mexican Retirement Association and the American Society on Aging, Ms. Berg is author of 13 books, several translated into five languages, the latest being, "How Not To Go Broke at 102:Finding Everlasting Wealth," Wiley 2008.
She has been consultant to Tourism China, Tourism Malaysia, and Tourism Zambia.
Stuart Bochner COO
Stuart Bochner is an attorney and entrepreneur, with a specialty in management, technology, publishing and web/internet presence. He has been a contributor to numerous books, articles and manuals including: The Totally Awesome Money Book, The Totally Awesome Business Book, Critical Path Mr. Bochner was publisher and editor of "Wealthbuilder Newsletter", from 1990 to 2006 and the "WealthBuilder Stock Alert Service" from 1999 to 2005. He has contributed to the design and content of many websites, including:,,,,,, and many more.
Eduardo Portas CFO Mexico
Eduardo Portas has more than thirty years of experience in the financing and promotion of foreign trade. He currently engages in consulting activities to develop business plans to boost medical tourism and the development of senior adult communities in México. He's a member of the Consultative Council of Tourism Research Center Medical University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas.
He's economist graduated from the Faculty of Economics the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and MA in Economics USC by the University of Southern California specializing in international trade.
He started his professional career in 1975 in the Bank of Mexico as financial project analyst by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. During three years was commissioned by the Bank of México as assistant of the Executive Director for Mexico at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. From 1985 to 2008 was Executive Director of Planning and Promotion of Exports in the Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, BANCOMEXT and from 2008 to February of 2010 served as Coordinator of Business Strategy in Emerging Sectors ProMéxico, Federal Government agency in charge of the promotion of exportations and of the attraction of foreign investment.
He has been investigator of the College of México and the National Association of Universities and Institutes of Higher Education and part-time teacher in UNAM, the Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Panamericana and ITAM in México. Has participated as speaker in a variety national and international events and has published research results about topics related with the promotion and the attraction of foreign investment in variety of industries including medical device, pharmaceutical and medical tourism Ageless Traveler Consulting
Ageless Traveler Consulting is a division of Generation Bold, specifically to consult with hotels, restaurants and transportation facilities are dedicated to insuring that every travel, tourism, health and spa facility experience is rich and rewarding for the Ageless This includes "LENSING", experiencing through the eyes of the target market and includes staff training health and safety issues, breathable rooms, universal design and much more.
Under A Tree
Under a Tree (UAT) offers many hospitality services including turn-key health and wellness facility, product and service development as well as quality assurance audits. In addition to providing concept, design and operational components of the business, we support our projects by offering clients a fully customized health and wellness program experience.
In partnership with key associates, we specialize in creating distinctive, fully integrated opportunities that fuse health and wellness treatments and diagnostics, fitness, mind/body practices, food and nutrition, sensory journeys, and educational programs that elevate visits into transformational experiences.
The UAT approach has the advantage of providing a seamless operational guest experience that takes full advantage of the facility design. This includes the development of treatment services, health products, unique programming and Additionally, UAT is noted for its expertise in environmentally sustainable wellness solutions. Beyond creating a memorable guest experience and sound revenue stream, our optimal approach supports green building and maintenance practices, energy and water efficiencies, and the use of effective natural skin and body care products for treatments and services. These elements in turn provide for the balanced wellbeing of guest, employee and The fol owing is a list of just some of the projects, products, and services with
which our team has been associated:
Venues and Governments:
Rockland County New York
Texas County and District Retirement System
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
United States Government: Internal Revenue Service, Public Affairs, Washington, DC
Financial Services:
Merril Lynch/Bank of America
The Entrust Group
Lincoln Financial
American Institute of Financial Gerontologists
Social & Health Services:
Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hil s
Extended Family
Consumer and B to B Enterprise
Golden Cuisine/Signature Foods
. Aerie Resort (Vancouver Island, Canada)
. Bamboo Eco Resort (Jamaica)
. Deep Lake (Battle Creek, MI)
. El Monte Sagrado (Taos, NM)
. Four Seasons Barbados
. Four Seasons Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic
. The Golden Door Spa at The Boulders (Scottsdale, AZ)
. Miraval (Tucson, AZ)
. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa (Santa Fe, NM)
. The Mayflower Spa (Washington, CT)
. Terrain at Styers (Urban Outfitters) (Philadelphia, PA)
. Hotel Matilda, (San Miguel de Al ende, Mexico)
. Bliss Spa (New York City)
. El Monte Sagrado (Taos, New Mexico)
. Four Seasons Scottsdale (Arizona)
. Four Seasons Westlake Vil age (California)
. Mi amo (Sedona, AZ)
. Miraval (Tucson, AZ)
. The Golden Door Spa at The Boulders (Scottsdale, AZ)
. The Mayflower Spa (Washington, CT)
. Coril Holdings LTD (Calgary, Canada)
. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts (Toronto, Canada)
. Starwood Capital (Greenwich, CT)
. The Enchantment Group (Scottsdale, AZ)
Medical/Wel ness
. Foothil s Health Consultants (Calgary, Canada)
. The Crossings (Austin, Texas)
. Integrative Cardiac Health & Wel ness Centre (Kawartha Lakes Region, Canada)
. Terrain at Styers (Urban Outfitters) (Philadelphia, PA)
. Integrated Physiotherapy Wel ness Centre (Canmore, Canada)
. Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada (Toronto, Canada)
. Ontario Cancer BioMarker Network at the MaRS Centre (Toronto, Canada)
. North York General Hospital (Toronto, Canada)
. Critical Care Canada Forum (Toronto, Canada)
. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Toronto, Canada)
. CBI Health Network (National Canada)
. EBI Executive Benefits (Toronto, Canada)
. Sustiva Global launch (Global)
. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)


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