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Example sentence
Jan plays the guitar, and she plays the piano too.
The action takes place in southern Italy.
Many countries, for example Mexico and Japan, have a lot of earthquakes.
Britain has agreed to provide military aid.
The 50 states that constitute the USA.
Argentina won the World Cup that year.
Ava was just describing to me her trip to Egypt.
Germany won, but I don't know the actual score.
Her family originally came from Thailand.
In 1853, Turkey declared war on Russia.
The flight to Australia takes nearly a day.
Martens gave a report on his sales trip to Korea.
France is just across the Channel from the UK.
Bond works for the British government.
Our agent in Rome handles all our Italian contracts.
The exodus of Russian scientists to America.
The scorching heat of an Australian summer.
The general knowledge quiz had difficult questions.
Do you want to go to university when you leave school? The plane landed at Heathrow Airport.
We were on holiday when it happened.
Oxford's full of tourists in the summer.
He lived most of his life in Scotland, a fine country.
homme politique / femme politique I don't trust politicians.
A professional footballer earns far too much.
Jimmy Hendrix was a talented musician.
He's an engineer, he builds bridges.
My lawyer's have already talked through the facts.
The police officer gave evidence in court.
She arranges everything, she's a good PA.
He worked as electrician, that's why he's called "Sparky".
The shop assistant gave me the wrong change.
You should go to the doctor with that cough.
She trained as nurse in the local hospital.
She has starred with many leading actors.
She waved to attract the attention of the waiter.
During the summer she worked as a waitress.
I didn't know the answer so I had a guess.
Many famous actors live in Beverly Hills.
The canteen is for employees of the company only.
It's illegal to give your personal data to others.
She said her place of birth was York.
The current trend in haircuts beggars belief.
When she read her account statement, she had to sit down.
The Swiss bank gave me a coded account name.
The shop has opened branches all over the country.
Under place of study he wrote Aberdeen, but he never went to University.
You'll need a course of study to improve your computing skills.
Employees are entitled to free health insurance.
The school has very good sporting facilities.
Please state your name and occupation.
It's an age thing, that's why I didn't get the job.
You write your name with a capital letter.
I wrote down the new words in my notebook.
Can you get that chair from over there.
She paints pictures of everyday objects like chairs, tables… I'll check my diary to see if I can come Friday.
He put a fifty pence coin into the drinks machine.
She asked the bank for a new cheque book.
You can get phone cards for ₤5.00 or ₤10.00.
If you don't understand a word, look it up in a dictionary.
The UK does not have identity cards.
She took a tissue to wipe his tears.
I've only got about £10 in my wallet.
It's bad for your teeth to eat sweets.
Be careful - those glasses break easily.
Cassette player? Is this the dinosaur age? My grandmother still rides a motorbike.
A very popular make of washing machine.
Are you comfortable sitting on the floor? You'll need professional legal advice.
I got a new computer game for Christmas.
My brother and his wife came to visit us last week.
She was named Sarah, after my grandmother.
We had a surprise visit from our grandson.
Maybe they haven't got your letter yet.
He has four granddaughters, all fine lassies.
Uncle Mike always visits us at Christmas.
My nephew James, he's my brother's son.
Police believe the murders are related.
Paul is good-looking, clever, and charming.
How do you say "invincible" in Dutch? Sorry, I didn't hear you, can you say that again? I don't remember, it was Tuesday or Wednesday.
What's the word for "chicken" in Swiss? He works long hours and is always tired.
The cafe serves drinks, snacks, and meals.
I'll stay in the car and wait for you.
I get up early to be at work at 7'O clock.
He's tired in the morning because he goes to bed late.
We usually have dinner around 6.30 p.m.
My loves are music, sport and of course cinema.
His hates include unpunctual people.
We got a big dog to frighten away burglars.
A large crowd of football supporters.
They flew to Paris for their honeymoon.
I usually do the housework at weekends.
What's wrong, you're like a cat on a hot tin roof.
Hitchcock was the greatest film director.
He's very good at art, look at these paintings.
The city has some beautiful architecture.
I really missed Paula after she'd left.
Shrewsbury is located between England and Wales.
He started in the local market, now he's a billionaire.
Stuart and Michelle make a great couple.
The Welsh rugby team crushed the English.
Rick's dad is in hospital for an operation.
I got a letter from my friend Anne yesterday.
I bought a magazine to read on the train.
les proches, les gens de la famille We'll be visiting relatives at Christmas.
We usually go out for dinner on Saturday.
My aunt is coming to visit us next week.
Shelley's poetry brings me to tears.
We specialize in shoes, but we also sell handbags.
She received a letter from her mother.
Classical music is much better than hip-hop.
I agree with Karen. It's much too expensive.
Just a minute, that doesn't seem right.
He plays violin in the school orchestra.
I like this place a lot - they have really good food.
What time's the next train to Clarkesville? They best way to get around Milan is by tram.
I've never flown an aeroplane before.
Nearly every Italian kid has a scooter.
We took the car on the Channel ferry.
The London underground is called "the Tube" Look at all the suits, it's full of business people.
There was a long queue outside the cinema.
Rail passengers are facing even longer delays.
White clouds drifted slowly across the sky.
There was heavy traffic on the motorway.
The scar was on the left side of his face.
Skiing isn't difficult, but it takes practice.
How long does your journey to school take? I'm getting off at the next station.
Cycling is a healthy form of transport.
Because of your attitude, you have to go.
There's a free gift with this month's magazine.
They drove through the tunnel under the mountain.
He's a Professor of Natural History.
It's a new transport system at the airport called the air train.
Clouds of smoke came from the chimney.
You can find information easily on the Internet.
The meeting has been scheduled for Friday.
Check in at the airport an hour before departure.
Julie met Mike a few days after her arrival at college.
The elections will be delayed until June.
Last call for passengers travelling to New York, the flight is about to depart.
Passengers are requested to proceed to gate 7.
I heard the final call but it was too late.
The woman at the desk for my tickets.
There are few international flights from this airport.
Alex is busy studying for his exams.
She had several strange-looking objects in her bag.
The science laboratory is in this building.
The town is 3 kilometres from the hotel.
I called several times, but she never got back to me.
Her family were very poor, but still had their pride.
The train for Hogwarts leaves from Platform 9¾.
We can't afford this - it's too expensive.
The government should put more into public transport.
Grandma's apple pie - can't beat it.
Try some grapes with Gorgonzola - fantastic! Have you ever tried a banana on the barbecue? My packed lunch consists of a cheese sandwich.
I only like freshly-squeezed orange juice.
He gave false information to the police.
We stuck pictures on the classroom walls.
There's a coffee machine in front of the lift.
There was a pile of books on the floor.
I'm trying to find out what happened.
Carrots make you see better in the dark - rubbish! We had some vegetables with our meat.
A slice of lemon in my G&T please.
Cut the melon in half and scoop out the flesh, then add the Parma ham.
Drop the noodles into boiling salted water.
My favourite pasta is farfalle .
He's on a protein diet to gain weight.
An average potato has about 90 calories.
I suddenly feel healthy since I stopped smoking.
Did you know that a lot of Italian food is vegetarian? It's only five o'clock, and it's already dark.
They won't make a decision until they know the facts.
It's a myth that Elvis Presley is still alive.
Echinacea is a natural remedy for colds+G464.
The only fruit juice they had was pear.
It's bad for your teeth to eat sweets.
He sat between the two women on the sofa.
affamé (feel hungry = avoir faim) I'm getting hungry , let's eat! The arrangements have generally worked well.
The town is very busy, especially in summer.
The suitcase contained a lot of old clothes.
Kuwait is one of the countries that exports oil.
Avoid fattening foods like doughnuts.
These plants need plenty of light and water.
It is important to eat a healthy diet.
Take a fine wine, for example Rioja. He has a very balanced attitude to the situation.
Crime is increasing, particularly in the cities.
I need a list of the people coming to the party.
I cut my finger and there was blood everywhere! It's a documentary about the human body.
My house is about 15 miles north of here.
Put the knives and forks on the table.
Vic folded his sunglasses and put them in his pocket.
The main difference between them is their age.
Police asked the woman to describe her attacker.
We rowed out to the middle of the lake.
Antonio ate half his burger in one bite.
Do you want ketchup or mayonnaise on your chips? Bradley seems to have disappeared altogether.
Babies grow quickly in their first year.
We used to go to the movies every week.
Stir the mixture with a spoon until it is smooth.
We were stuck in a traffic jam for hours.
Did you watch the match between Kenya and Ireland? The ball hit the window and broke the glass.
You can pick up a leaflet from the information desk.
He was one of the great political leaders of the twentieth century.
It is hard to make money as an artist.
That area of the United States is known for hurricanes.
Her family originally came from Thailand.
She's almost blind in her right eye.
You need to be a mathematician to understand those figures.
We were at home all evening officer.
Don't be frightened. I won't hurt you.
The emperor was in residence at his summer palace.
The pilot had to make an emergency landing.
He was a prisoner during the Vietnam War.
It's hardly surprising that they lost the game.
Kennedy became the first Catholic president.
He was very interested in her comments.
obtenir son diplôme, finir ses étudeHe graduated from Harvard last year.
Megan decided to go to Denise's party.
It is linked with the incident last week.
Alexander Bell invented the telephone.
Frances left work early to meet her mother.
Damage to the environment is a world wide issue.
The I.T. guys have set up an information network on the server.
I read an interesting article about drugs.
Our aim is to encourage the exchange of information.
The police officer asked us for our personal details.
I shared a room with her when I was at college.
The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell.
The computer was one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century.
Einstein began his career in a patent office.
A congress of the ruling Labour Party.
She won the Nobel Prize for literature.
Do not sit at a computer for long periods.
Many young girls became domestic servants.
During the summer she worked as a waitress.
It is a relic from the First World War.
iemand mee uit wandelen nemen emmener qqn en promenade I took her for a walk to clear her head.
The library serves the whole community.
Joanna's in her second year at university.
January is the first month of the year.
My last boyfriend was crazy about football.
An appointment at the hairdresser's.
I jumped over the wall and ran along the bank.
I'm going to the dentist's this afternoon.
She showed me a photograph of her son.
Cartoon characters such as Donald Duck.
All my favourite films are comedies.
The film is based on a historical event.
A good teacher can make any subject interesting.
I wish my boyfriend was more romantic.
The average cost of making a movie has risen by 15%.
The noise appeared to come from the bedroom.
I've seen the full-length version of the film.
They were successful in persuading him to join them.
We'll probably go to France next year.
We chose Joe's favourite music for the party.
Unless the UN acts soon, more people will die.
The 50th anniversary of India's independence.
The new factory should create 450 jobs.
"He's a vampire!", cried Dr. Van Helsing.
It's a book about Johnson's adventures at sea.
He's in jail for killing a policeman.
She was wearing jeans and a red jumper.
She learned to ride when she was five.
I got new rollerblades for my birthday.
I rented a room from friends while I looked for work.
I heard some interesting news about Charlie.
Who is the author of 'Pride and Prejudice? The car behind us was driving too close.
It's simply not true, it's some fantasy story.
He is writing a novel about a boy's life.
We had to queue for over an hour to get tickets.
It cost an enormous amount of money.
I was looking forward to my return to college.
The King of Spain is visiting England.
His great-grandson also became Prime Minister.
He often has to go abroad on business.
The shop was full of old musical instruments.
She suddenly remembered that she had an appointment.
I'm a member of the local drama club.
We went to see a new play by Tom Stoppard.
I don't want to discuss that sort of thing with you.
The symbol of France is the Eiffel Tower.
The heat made her feel uncomfortable.
The slowest runners started at the back.
His new girlfriend is very attractive.
In actual fact , she's older than me.
Fetch a large vase, the bigger the better.
The job was made all the easier by having the right tools.
After the accident, he was in pretty bad condition.
She bought it at a department store.
What was the last item of clothing you bought? The Sultan of Brunei is reputed to be the world's richest person.
Rabbits are a common wild animal in this area.
There was a vase of yellow flowers by the window.
The shop windows were full of Christmas decorations.
The town has some good clothes shops.
He got the watch from a street market.
He installed a satellite dish on the roof.
Let's get some presents from the Christmas market.
She works in a clothes shop at the weekend.
He got the computer as a birthday present.
Squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom.
The basement flooded and everything got soaked.
You'll find that in the cook and kitchenware department.
They searched his luggage for illegal drugs.
The men's clothing department is on the ground floor.
It's in the perfumery section, Madam.
He had cosmetic surgery to make his nose smaller.
We specialize in shoes, but we also sell handbags.
The electrical goods are on the third floor.
The Geography department at Edinburgh University You can choose between ice cream and apple tart.
Work in advertising is very well paid indeed.
Martens gave a report on his sales trip to Korea.
The jumper didn't fit so I took it back to the shop.
Put your coat on if you're going out.
Sally opened her briefcase and fished out a small card.
Jack was wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
You're not allowed to wear earrings to school.
I have to wear a shirt and tie to work.
He was wearing jeans and a leather jacket.
Make sure your backpack is strapped on tightly.
Most designers start by looking at street fashion.
She has an appointment with a client at 10.30.
RCA is advertising for an accountant.
I can't lift this box - it's too heavy.
At the moment, I'm feeling quite depressed.
She's always been pretty casual about her appearance.
"I just got the last bus." "That was lucky!" You're looking a lot slimmer - have you lost weight? Sam's been looking very happy recently.
If you're so unhappy, why don't you change jobs? The children were sitting on the floor.
Students from all over the world study here.
We are against testing cosmetics on animals.
Africa has some of the best natural features in the world.
The chimpanzee snatched my sandwich.
The island has several active volcanoes.
Traffic was moving at a snail's pace.
She is the first woman to climb this mountain.
I've known Kevin for donkey's years.
He won't eat tuna because of the effect on dolphins.
The geographical features are widely-studied.
Your name was mentioned in the book.
I shared a room with her when I was at college.
Boys were jumping off the bridge into the river.
Look up the words you don't understand.
The sky is blue and the sun is shining.
The rings represent the different continents.
They raised money to get her a guide dog.
There was heavy traffic on the motorway.
I could hear Sarah and Andrew talking in the next room.
They communicate using sign language.
If only he had applied himself to his studies! The dog whined and pawed at the door.
During her lifetime she had witnessed two world wars.
He has three apple trees in his garden.
They meet fairly often to play chess.
Police found a quantity of drugs hidden in their bags.
The plane will be landing in approximately 20 minutes.
She got pregnant soon after they were married.
The customs officer searched his luggage.
This blanket should help you keep warm.
It's a wild cat, not a domestic cat.
We have a very special guest with us this evening.
Kevin and I went to school together.
The school dinners here are worse than dog food.
Moments such as this require immediate action.
People who are cruel to animals make me mad.
The books are designed for this specific age group.
The expedition to the Antarctic was a failure.
The biggest planet in our solar system.
She follows Islamic custom by covering her hair.
Jerusalem is a holy city for Muslims, Christians and Jews.
I think Italy will win the next World Cup.
The official report will be published next month.
I'm interested in French literature.
They were knocked out of the European Cup.
The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth.
Gail was lying in the sun, looking happy and relaxed.
And what are your future intentions with my daughter? What was the band like? - Nothing special.
Draw a straight line across the page.
What shall I do with the rest of the pizza? You can do special exercises to strengthen your back.
She doesn't have much of a social life.
We went to a Picasso exhibition at the art gallery.
Don't go near the edge of the cliff.
They've invited us to go sailing this weekend.
Bed and Breakfast: logement chezThe street is full of B&B's.
A narrow path led down to the stream.
Hawaii is a paradise for wind surfers.
The hotel is situated on the lakeside.
In the afternoon, we went sightseeing.
The college provides accommodation for all new students.
All the events were recorded in a diary.
The average temperature is about 24° C.
The government has promised to spend more on education.
She's taking a course in business studies.
We've made some changes to the computer's design.
He has gone into a career in information technology.
The course will introduce young people to engineering.
A police car passed him as he walked down the road.
The factory has a high degree of safety standards.
I'll meet you outside the secondary school.
She had an interview for a teaching job.
She trained as a nurse for four years.
I don't want to talk about the subject of death.
Apart from the ending, it's a really good film.
We need a better system for dealing with complaints.
I spent most of my life in the teaching profession.
He took out a loan with a finance company.
Flight 503 for Lisbon is now boarding.
He left school without any qualifications.
He's a very good teacher with a lot of experience.
His pronunciation is good, but his grammar is poor.
What's the correct pronunciation of this word? Reading helps to improve your vocabulary.
The store has introduced a new range of food.
Jackie's engagement was the main topic of conversation.
The bicycle is a very economical form of transport.
They're an internetish sort of outfit, I think.
She explained her work in simple language.
It is impossible to predict what will happen.
Ask for it if you don't know where it is.
In Sweden, it is against the law to hit a child.
Unfortunately, the show had to be cancelled.
Even the youngest children enjoyed the concert.
Darwin's famous phrase 'the survival of the fittest' She's in a very difficult situation.
115 international communication x?fåí]Dåôp]å]ä=â]?ãàìWå]DâÉfp]åz International communication has become commonplace with the internet.
speak fluent English = parler couraJem can speak fluent Japanese.
The hot weather lasted for two weeks.
The island depends on tourism for most of its income.
He took his complaint to Customer Service.
What is the purpose of your visit to England? The coat is available in various colours.
People on low wages find it difficult to pay for childcare.
His grandmother is in a private home.
Vitamins are necessary for a child's growth and development.
Some students are concerned about safety on campus.
They train twice a week at the sports centre.
He started to go running to improve his fitness.
She received an award from the perfuming arts society.
He has written a new drama for the BBC.
The story was reported in the media.
My boss doesn't like people disagreeing with her.
She works as an administrator in a government office.
We can get milk from the shop at the petrol station.
She's always text messaging her friends.
The Penny Black is a rare postage stamp.
The fax machine is broken, e-mail it instead.
The letter was delivered to his home.
Guy plays the guitar, and I'm on the keyboard.
She moved away before World War Two.
The accident demonstrated the importance of wearing seatbelts.
It's an unpleasant disease. However, it's easy to treat.
Sarah's late - perhaps she missed the bus.
I'll just make a note of your new address.
Please leave a message after the tone.
There is little contact between the two tribes.
Food and medicines are urgently needed.
He quickly put the money back in the box.
I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name.
Please inform the emergency services.
She posted the letter on her way to work.
Apparently, it's not the first time she's left him.
John passed his exams so we're having a party to celebrate.
It's the third time he's failed his driving test.
The documentary included a lot of historical detail.
Draw a straight line across the top of the page.
After several delays, the plane finally took off at six o'clock.
He owns 5000 acres of agricultural land.
They recently moved from South Africa.
"Hello," she said in a welcoming tone.
"Don't be afraid", said the big, hairy monster.
A balanced diet is essential for good health.
Maths is the main subject I am studying.
He spends all evening on the web in chatrooms.
An important feature of his paintings is their colours.
The kids are getting really excited about the trip.
I had to break a window to get into the house.
Have you seen Bayern Munich's new sports stadium? They demolished these Georgian houses for a shopping centre.
They are building a new bridge over the river.
There's a Kandinsky exhibition on the art gallery.
We walked along by the side of the canal.
Their house is on a hill overlooking the sea.
The mosque is near the shopping centre.
The marble columns of a Greek temple.
We don't share the same religious beliefs.
The National Gallery needs more funding.
Hopefully, I have learned from past mistakes.
Women have had to fight to climb the career ladder.
The farm was at the end of a rough track.
They managed to tunnel under the fence.
You can ski on the glacier, even in summer.
You may only smoke in the designated smoking area.
It took us ages to get through passport control.
She was wearing jeans and a red jumper.
Most dogs will obey simple commands.
Follow the instructions on the packet.
You have absolutely no sense of direction.
We got the tickets from the tourist information office.
What is the total value of the paintings in the collection? Dentists strongly recommend that you change your toothbrush every few months.
Personal vocabulary
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