Research Molecular Construction Set
Consisting of 303 atoms, 34 caps and 100 locking pins, this set
can be used to build such structures as:
• Amino acids
• Polypeptides
• Terpenes
• Steroids
• Alkaloids
• All structures from introductory and advanced set

y / Biochemistr
Organic Student Set
Each Student Set comes with an instruction leaflet and is packed in a four-
compartmented box. The Student Sets are designed for school, college or
self study chemistry courses. Sufficient links are provided to make single,
double, and triple bonds for OPEN and short links for CLOSED models. The models can easily be assembled and reassembled to make hundreds of possible structures. • 50 atom-parts • 12 Carbon, 4-holes tetra, black • 6 Oxygen, 2-holes ang., red • 20 Hydrogen, 1-hole, white • 4 Nitrogen, 4-holes tetra, blue • 1 Sulphur, 4-holes tetra, yellow• 1 Sulphur, 6-holes octa, yellow • 1 Phosphorus, 4-holes, purple • 4 Halogen, 1-hole, green, 17mm • 1 Metal, 1-hole, grey, 17mm • 26 links, grey, medium ML-12 • 12 links, grey, flexible long ML-13 Organic (Teacher) Set
111-atom parts – Open and Compact Models. This set enables the teacher to demonstrate the key areas of Organic chemistry, including all the func- tional groups, alkanes, alkene, alkynes, alkylhalides, alcohols, ethers, al-
dehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, nitriles, amines, esters, aromatic and
heterocyclics. Structural isomerism and stereoisomerism (e.g. optical and
geometric) and confirmational analysis. Examples: isoprene, lactic acid,
glucose, P.V.C., trichlorophenol, alanine, caffeine, saccharine, aspirin, men-
thol, benzene, ionone, humulone, adreniline, penicillin, and aromotherapy
• 24 Carbon, black, tetrahedral
• 6 Carbon, black, trigonal
• 2 Carbon, black, linear
• 6 Carbon, black, tribipyramidal
• 40 Hydrogen, white
• 12 Oxygen, red, angular
• 4 Nitrogen, blue, tetrahedral
• 1 Sulphur, yellow, tetrahedral
• 1 Sulphur, yellow, angular
• 4 Phosphorus, purple, tetrahedral
• 8 Halogen, green
• 2 Metal, grey
• 1 Metal, grey, 2 holes
• 55 Links, grey, medium
• 25 Links, grey, long flexible
• 60 Links, white, short
• 1 Tool
Chemical principles

Source: http://www.3bscientific.sk/katalogy/3B_Biology/3B_bio/assets/downloads/page0144.pdf


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